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About Anna

I am a qualified Relationship Coach with the Centre for Gender Psychology with a specialist training in couple counselling and relationship psychotherapy and I am trained as a coach and trainer in the internationally recognised process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I am a graduate of the Feminine Power programme and have studied Conscious Uncoupling (including personal coaching through the breakup of my own 15 year long relationship).

I write for the cutting edge magazine “She Who Knows”. I have worked with over 300 couples and over a thousand individuals in group and one to one settings. I have invested in over 25 years of personal psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth work, and I have been there, I have come through and I can support you to do the same.


Anna has journeyed with me through several challenging periods in my life and I’m deeply grateful for her companionship at those times. Her practice meets my needs for sincerity, sensitivity and intuition all of which feel essential to me as a woman. It’s so important for me to stay well resourced with the kind of work I do in the world and Anna is one of very few people I trust to offer the kind of support that leads to true resilience.”

How I can help

Provide empathic understanding to a very painful and confusing situation Offer clarity and guidance as to what steps to take before, during and after divorce Help you to envision a positive, pain free future, seeing yourself as having learnt and grown from the experience, bolder more self assured and ready for a future greater love. 


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A 90 minute Destiny coaching session

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