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About Madeleine

I have over 15 years of experience in mental health and psychology, with training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Applied Positive Psychology. I hold a BSc and MSc in psychology, with a published a paper on Social Intelligence from UCL, and currently undertaking a PhD in Counselling Psychology, I have the psychological theory covered. I also have the personal experience of being a divorced parent.

After 10 years together with my ex-husband, when our son was just 3 years old, we managed to successfully navigate the split amicably. As difficult as it was, with what felt like huge sacrifices on both parts, we are today a strong parent team, with new life partners and an incredibly happy boy.

My coaching and therapeutic focus is on romantic relationships, whether that be to navigate a couple through a rough patch and rescue the relationship, help split amicably, or indeed support them back into the dating world to find a new partner. I am is member of the British Psychological Society, the International Positive Psychology Association & Dating Industry Professionals Network.


“Just thought I’d write to say hello and give you an update after all your seminars I went to and your great 1-to-1 coaching. I have actually met someone and it is going amazingly well – I couldn’t be happier (he even surprised me with a weekend in Rome for my birthday). I learned a lot from your coaching and continue to put it into practice – so thank you.”

"After I got out of a long term relationship that was not healthy for me, I ventured back heavily into the dating world – only to realise that I never really learned how to date. Before, I had let men pick me (and most of them weren’t good for me) instead of the other way around. That’s where Madeleine’s advice and guidance was priceless. With her steady help, I slowly learned how let go of my fears and put myself out there, while learning to respect my own needs and desires."

How I can help

  • Gain clarity about your relationship
  • Resolve conflicts and overcome misunderstandings in your family life
  • Define the steps towards your dream future
  • Support through emotional stress
  • Get your life back on track after divorce
  • Prepare and get ready to enter and navigate the dating scene
  • Find love again after divorce
  • How to heal and thrive after divorce
  • How to improve self esteem and confidence in midlife
  • How to write a stand out online dating profile
  • Finding purpose in life once the nest is empty
  • Gaining perspective on divorce


  • One-on-one coaching
  • Skype/telephone or face-to-face
  • Workshops / seminars


  • Email for information on prices 

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