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Are you struggling through your divorce transition and need some help and support right now? If this sounds like you, please don’t worry as this is a natural part of the process. You have come to the right place. In 2015 Divorced Parents was started as a FREE online directory. Visitors to the website are using this service because they are looking to engage with an expert specific to their needs.

Let’s get started

We help you make informed choices by showcasing experts in 9 key areas. The pages are designed with smooth functionality making the process simple and easy for speed and comfort. It takes only a few seconds to find the contact details of the expert you need. Each profile provides an image of the expert and a breakdown of what is on offer to help you make your decision.

Frequently asked questions

I'm a visitor

Is it free to search on divorcedparents.co.uk?

Yes. Our directory is completely free to search.

How do I find the expert I’m looking for?

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. The search function. Use the drop-down menu and pick which area you are looking for. Click the one you are interested in and then move to the location panel. Type in the town or county and hit search.

This will return the experts available in the directory. Scroll through their profiles and select your favourite. You can contact them directly by either choosing to call or email them. Some listings will have special offers, so look out for those at the bottom of a profile. There are no restrictions on the amount of experts you can contact.

2. Browse the category you are looking for there you will see a page view of the all the experts. The benefit is, if you are in one area and your preference is for an expert in another then you can decide on them if you choose to. Many experts are also available online through video calling services like Zoom.

Do I really need an expert?

This depends on your situation and being able to determine which expert suits your needs after looking through those featured.

Once I’ve sent a message, how long does it take for them to contact me?

Response times can vary depending on the experts’ schedules and workload. It’s in their best interest to contact you as soon as possible as they won’t want to lose you. Remember, you always have the opportunity to reach out to more than one expert.

Is my first consultation free?

Important benefits, such as free consultations are highlighted on individual profiles so do look out for those.

How much does an expert charge for their services?

We encourage all prices to be shown on their profiles but respect the fact that not all experts will do so. We encourage you to contact them directly for prices.

Some may offer alternative payment options, which will be discussed in detail with the expert concerned.

What should I look for deciding on an expert?

There can be many factors to consider, but ultimately you choose who you feel happy and comfortable with. Below is a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Can I get free advice?

There are free consultations which will be noted on their profile.

I'm an expert

Why should I be on divorcedparents.co.uk?

To get clients! Our directory showcases your capabilities which in turn leads to new clients for you.

How do I get on divorcedparents.co.uk?

Contact info@divorcedparents.co.uk and we’ll take you through the steps.

Does the platform promote experts?

Yes. We use social media to show case our experts and promote your business.

What information should I provide on divorcedparents.co.uk?

The more information you can provide the better. Details generally include your bio, experience, practice area(s), description of your services, contact address(s), rates, and anything else that you feel is necessary.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost it’s free.

Do the users pay to search for an expert?

No! We want as many searches and page views as possible, so it's completely free for them to do so.

Should I provide my fees/charges?

It is recommended, however it’s your choice if you’d rather not highlight prices and for clients to get in contact with you instead.

What is expected of me once I’m in the directory?

Respect, care with a high standard and professional approach applied to all your potential, new clients.



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