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About Ané

I guide women to find their unique path to love again after relationship breakdown or divorce.

There are few life changing events such as divorce, but it doesn’t have to define you for the rest of your life. When I got divorced in my mid-thirties I truly felt that my my whole world fell apart and the grieving process for everything that was, and all my dreams for the future was more painful than I can ever describe.

At the same time it was the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me - but I can only say this in hindsight of course.

Today I am married again and truly happier than I've ever been, but I had to make certain key decisions and do the work I needed to do on myself to turn my personal heartbreak into the catalyst for creating a life and new relationship I am truly proud of.

I now specialise in helping my clients through the process of getting their lives back on track during and after divorce. I guide them to reconnect with themselves, often reinvent themselves and their lives and create a new life they are excited about. A large part of this is to eventually find love again, possibly even getting married again in future.

Together we get crystal clear on who they are, what they’re looking for and what they bring to the table. We work on finding their voice in their future relationship, boundaries and never settling or compromising who they are (again); getting emotionally fit; building authentic confidence from the inside out; mastering dating again and truly getting ready for new love and a new relationship.

Aside from my personal experience I also bring my depth of professional training and expertise to my work. I am a qualified Social Worker, accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach and have received extensive training through the renowned Relationship Coaching Institute.


“Ané helps you to take a breather and examine your current state; she will ask searching questions; get you to think independently about where you are how well equipped you are to take on the quest of meeting someone and to take care of yourself whilst doing so.

This can at times be uncomfortable, but this exploration is something that you need to do independently of the well meaning advice of friends and loved ones, Ané will lead you through this process of self discovery so that you can see more clearly and make better decisions.

In doing so you will start to see that now you have choices and opportunities to have the life you never dared to hope for and that you are in the driving seat.” Abby, 52

“There is a depth and sensitivity to Ané that’s difficult to describe. Maybe you can call it ‘knowing’, because she’s been there. And when you can sit with someone who is comfortable with pain and discomfort, it gives you the opportunity to breathe and open up, and allow light in the form of a new perspective, maybe even a gentle challenge. And your process/growth can start. That’s what coaching with Ané is to me. It’s in the way she listens. Difficult to describe. Best experienced. Linda, 41

How I can help

  • Get your life back on track after divorce
  • Prepare and get ready to enter and navigate the dating scene
  • Find love again after divorce


  • One-on-one coaching
  • Skype/telephone or face-to-face
  • Workshops / seminars
  • Online events


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