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As a family law barrister I have seen too many couples slug it out in the Family Courts, at great emotional toll and disproportionate expense. There is a better way, and so I co founded The Divorce Surgery. What we offer is very simple. We enable separating couples, together, to get expert legal advice from one impartial barrister they both instruct. Our service is called One Couple One Lawyer.

We turn the current adversarial legal process on its head. No longer do couples need to appoint two separate solicitors. Our focus is getting you informed as to what a Judge would consider fair in your particular circumstances, so you can reach a fair deal. We have won many industry awards for our service, which is revolutionising family law:

  • We don’t believe in open ended hourly rates, so we offer a fixed fee, and couples don’t pay a penny until they have had free of charge Introductory Sessions.
  • We streamline financial disclosure, ensuring couples provide only the information we need.
  • Divorce takes far too long (on average 14 months) so our process is efficient and only takes 6-8 weeks.
  • To save costs, we make sure you get expertise where you need it (the legal advice stage) but not where you don’t.
  • Most importantly, we let couples work together on divorce, not against each other.


“The Divorce Surgery is a striking example of what can be achieved by those with the vision to see outside traditional approaches. Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates are to be congratulated for their bold innovation, which we should all wish well and hope to see extended.” The former President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby

How I can help

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Agreeing the division of your finances
  • Agreeing the arrangements for your children


  • Introductory Sessions (where we meet you both individually to talk you through our process) are free of charge
  • Prices for our entire service are fixed at £4,750 plus VAT per couple, unless your case is complex or you require a more senior barrister, in which case we will provided a revised quote BEFORE you commit

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