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Stephanie Peltier (London)

Divorce coach
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About Steph

I am a Happiness Expert and Divorce coach. I work exclusively with women, helping them heal and thrive after separation.

My divorce unexpectedly took me to the ground and was the catalyst that drove me to study the “Science of Happiness”. I have since been trained by the biggest names in psychology and personal development such as Tony Robbins, Dacher Keltner or Rick Hanson. I am constantly adding new cutting-edge techniques to my tool box, like Mindfulness, Result Coaching or Positive Neuroplasticity Training, amongst others.

My mission is to help women navigate the pitfalls and lows of divorce, heal faster, truly make peace with the past and gain the unshakable confidence to step into the driver’s seat and start building a new exciting, happy life for themselves and their children.

I have developed a unique 4 step methodology that reduces the average divorce-recovery time from 2 years to 3 months! The results are very quick because, contrary to standard coaching, my program is a very active process where my clients are given daily “assignments” and actively participate in their own recovery.

My approach is at the intersection of science and spirituality, which combines ancient wisdom with the most cutting edge science.


"Only 5 sessions in, and I have seen a massive shift in myself. I am making huge strides, I am not hurting for the first time in a very long time, I feel calmer and in control, I am more confident in myself, and can see a future that is in my grasp. I totally love how Steph doesn't indulge me in my back-story or the negative words I used to describe myself. I look forward to our sessions - it gives me a focus and I know it is time well spent.

Steph is an amazing soul. She has helped me move forward, pushed me to do things I would otherwise have put off and actually believe in myself. I am setting goals I would not have thought about and getting back into a routine that I had let slip.

Words are not enough for how grateful I am to have taken the leap of working with her.” Parul - London - Sugar Flower Artist

How I can help

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety to feel calmer and in control
  • Gaining the clarity to make the right decisions
  • Letting go of the past, freeing yourself from the grip of your ex
  • Re-discovering who you truly are, your strengths and aspirations
  • Building unshakable confidence
  • Creating a plan of action to create the life that you want and you deserve


  • 1 to 1 coaching in one of my London clinics
  • Via teleconference
  • Online course available
  • Group coaching in workshop settings


  • I will provide the most appropriate solution for your needs and budget

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