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Amanda Hale (London)

Breakup and Narcissism recovery Coach
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About Amanda

My name is Amanda Hale and I am a breakup and narcissism recovery mentor and coach. I help mainly women, coping with a ’toxic' or 'highly narcissistic' partner, soon to be ex partner/spouse or ex partner/spouse.

Having experienced first-hand the highly emotional and day to day struggles of a high conflict divorce and very challenging aftermath, it is now my purpose to help make the process of divorce and breakup less daunting and less emotionally and financially draining for others.

My area of expertise is supporting women with highly narcissistic or toxic (ex) partners during all stages of relationship/breakup/divorce. I help women learn improved methods of communication, ways to manage the relationship with their toxic (ex) partner and empowerment tools for themselves and their children.

My general coaching and mentoring style is warm, friendly and approachable; when needed I will gently push clients out of their comfort zone and at times challenge their current way of doing things, in order to facilitate taking control of their lives and moving forwards.

I have studied NLP and life coaching with Nina Madden, and am a Sara Davison certified coach, soon to be classified as a Sara Davison Master Practitioner coach! I am also currently enrolled in a course relating to CPTSD and recovery.


The emotional and practical support I have received from her has been invaluable. She listened to me, and made me self reflect and work towards a positive, calm future in which it’s ok to be an imperfect human being. The coping mechanisms and strategies that she provided me with were not only helpful, but encouraged me to believe in myself and be able to cope with the stress of my very complex situation.

She did not give any legal advice, but only helped me with my personal issues and emotions pertaining to the divorce, making me see the process in a more practical and simple way. I am extremely grateful to Amanda and can attest to her professionalism as well as a personal approach which I feel is incredibly important in what can be a very lonely and frightening situation. Melanie S

Thanks so much for today and the recommendations you gave me were super helpful. As you know I really do appreciate the help you are giving me. All the feedback I have for you is hugely positive. You are like a calm oasis in the rather fraught world that is my head at the moment. It most definitely helps that you have been through so much of this too. DC

How I can help

  • How to manage the emotional and day to day struggles of breakup or divorce from a toxic partner
  • Learn ways to reduce the conflict between you and your ex
  • Strategies for communicating with and managing your toxic ex
  • How to ‘parallel parent’ with your toxic ex as opposed to ‘co-parent’
  • How to manage the feeling of overwhelm and dial down the intensity of negative emotions
  • Tips for going through family court
  • Assist you to help empower your children and manage their difficult emotions 
  • How to become ’narc-proof’ or ’toxic proof’ so that you avoid future toxic relationships


  • One to one coaching/mentoring
  • SOS sessions - request an urgent phone-call as and when needed (same day response)
  • Zoom or phone sessions


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