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Natasha Mahtani (London)

Divorce Coach
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About Natasha

I’m a Relationships and Divorce coach, helping smart women cut through their cultural conditioning and re-define their identity following a divorce or contemplating divorce. Having lived in Monrovia, London, Lagos, Mumbai, Dublin, Hong Kong and Taipei, I understand the cultural nuances within relationships and work with my clients to ensure they stay authentic to who they are whilst also respecting the culture they come from.

I’m passionate about de-stigmatising divorce, especially within the South Asian community and ensuring that women experiencing divorce feel heard and seen.

How I can help

  • Identify what limiting beliefs are holding you back and create a toolbox of resources you can use to overcome these beliefs
  • Gain more confidence and learnt to trust yourself again
  • Create and sustain loving relationships
  • Address your fears around divorce and rise above them
  • Dial down your negative emotions
  • Challenge your money mindset and move you towards an abundant way of living
  • Manage your relationship with your family and ex/in-laws
  • Create a life you love

Many people so easily spend money on a lawyer, hoping for the best outcome in their divorce or on a personal trainer, in an attempt to look and feel physically better. But what about your emotions? That feeling of sadness, frustration or anger? An investment in your mental health is probably the greatest gift you can give yourself while experiencing divorce.


  • 1:1 coaching via zoom
  • Text, WhatsApp and email support between sessions
  • A bespoke action plan Homework between sessions to keep the momentum
  • A safe space to heal

Special Offer

  • Free 20 minute discovery call to discuss how coaching can help you


  • I am so grateful for what you have brought into my life. It’s nothing short of magically transformative. I still remember when you messaged me about your consulting fees and you called it an “investment”. I couldn’t agree more. It’s been exactly that – an investment that has paid back ten fold. A.M, Hong Kong
  • I have never been the person to open up to strangers and moreover to expect them to help me through something. Counselling was a foreign idea till a friend recommended it. I signed up with much apprehension and my first session was good, but not great. I remember holding back a lot and not letting myself be. Over the course of a few months through 6 sessions with Natasha, I was able to break down barriers slowly. Natasha has the right questions and exercises that allow us to look within ourselves deeply. I became more and more aware of my behavioural patterns and realised where I could correct myself or be more cautious. Even when I didn’t have it in me to do an exercise or feared it, she was adamant that I did. As uncomfortable as it was for me, I realised that without having gone through it, I wouldn’t feel the lightness and see things with a different perspective. A.J. India
  • Coaching with Natasha has healed me in a way I didn’t think was possible. When I chose to leave my marriage, I was a complete mess and had hit rock bottom. Her calm demeanour, reflective questioning and tools she gave me allowed me to raise my sense of self-worth and know that I am enough. I was able to recognise where I needed to put boundaries in place and where my self-limiting narrative was coming from. She was also always available offline, between our sessions, which made me feel held and safe in the knowing that I could reach out at anytime. If you truly want to change your life, don’t think twice about working with Natasha. M.K. London


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