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Julia Moreno (London)

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About Julia

Hi! I’m Julia. I’m a Family Law and Divorce Coach and I guide women through the legal and emotional turmoil of divorce to a new and happy life.

I’m on a mission to change the stigma around divorce and prove that there is a better and even healthy way to divorce.

Having worked as a Family Law Solicitor for over 15 years, I’m highly experienced in helping women like you understand and take control of the intimidating legal process people face when getting divorced. This however is not enough when navigating through the turmoil of divorce.

Divorce is driven by emotions. I know this only too well from my own personal experience. When emotions are running high, it often leads people to make decisions that they soon regret, and in the most extreme cases, result in the person facing a worse outcome both financially and emotionally. That is why I became a certified Breakup and Divorce Coach Practitioner.

Using my skills and experience, I will help you manage your emotions and provide you with the legal know-how so that you successfully arrive at an amicable and fair outcome for you and your family.

It’s totally normal to feel utterly lost and bewildered when your marriage comes to an end. Suddenly, your world has irrevocably changed and nothing is as it was before. Aside from the emotional turmoil, your mind will be flooded with a whole range of questions that you don't have answers for.

Divorce can have an impact on all areas of your life. If not done properly, it can have an adverse effect on your future. Inevitably, there will be changes so you must seek to divorce well; to minimise both the emotional and the financial impact for you and your children, and build a new positive beginning.

Some areas I can help you with:

  • Address your fears and manage your many emotions
  • Begin the healing process and learn coping mechanisms
  • Gain clarity and regain control of the situation
  • Create a positive plan of action to not only survive but to thrive
  • Manage conflict and navigate emotionally-charged conversations
  • Manage the emotions of any children
  • Prepare for the legal process (options/strategy/collation of information & documentation)
  • Navigate through the legal process (divorce/finances/children) with my guidance and support
  • Achieve the right outcome for you and your children
  • Stay motivated and feel accountable


“I felt lost, worried about everything, anxious and at the same time angry and frustrated. I was very lucky to be recommended to Julia and feel that I could not have done it without her. She has been my voice of reason. She took time to explain the process, took me through options and possible outcomes. At every step she has checked if I am comfortable with any decisions being made.

She has been there for me when needed most and helped with detangling emotions from facts/actions. I am much better equipped now to deal with the long process, but just knowing that Julia is there helps me stay grounded. Empathy and efficiency don't always come together but you will get both when choosing to work with Julia.” - KM, London

“Going through divorce is horribly upsetting and stressful but having someone like Julia ‘holding your hand along the way’ makes all the difference. Before contacting Julia, I was being advised by lawyers that don’t see beyond the gain. With Julia everything made sense, she has the law background and the knowledge to explain and guide you in the direction that is best for you, as an individual and with your particular situation.” - PD, London


  • 1:1 online coaching services through either package of sessions or 3 to 6 month programs
  • Email/WhatsApp support between sessions
  • Individual, bespoke action plan designed specifically for you
  • Access to private Facebook Group community
  • Workshops and Retreats


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  • FREE 45-MINUTE CLARITY CALL to discover how I can best support you and your needs. This is an invaluable process I have developed that will help me understand what emotional support, practical skills and legal guidance I can offer you in order for you to have a new and happy life.

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