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Sonia Limbada (London)

Divorce Coach
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About Sonia

I believe self-love is the key to moving forward after divorce; in fact is the key to anything you want in life. I learnt that through my own trauma and from 18+ years of experience as a divorce lawyer and a divorce coach helping women move past their divorce.

Lack of self-love is the number one ‘thing’ that kept me stuck and it is what keeps most women stuck after divorce. So, this is the foundation of my divorce coaching practice, and it is also why I developed my, ‘I Am Enough’ - self-love Masterclass.

In the Masterclass I teach women, simple but powerful self-love techniques to help them stop asking, ‘Why wasn’t I good enough for him?’ and learn to believe in themselves.

It is wonderful when they learn to love themselves. They suddenly get the power to do things, they never thought they could do by themselves. They finally get the confidence to go for what they want in life.


“My ex unexpectedly declared that our marriage was over – in the middle of our weekly lunch date. I found it hard to breathe and shut myself off from the world. I was anxious all the time and felt sick when solicitors’ letters came through the door. It sounds extreme but Sonia saved my life.” M Ali

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  • One to one coaching
  • Face to face
  • Zoom sessions


  • Email for pricing information on divorce coaching.
  • The I Am Enough masterclass up to date price is on the link provided.

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