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Kelly Hearn (London)
Life Coach
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About Kelly
Divorce brings up a range of emotional, logistical and existential issues. I bring my background in business, psychotherapy and coaching to working through these with clients. In my work, I first provide ample time and space for clients to sift through the myriad of emotions they may be experiencing. This is a crucial step to healing and moving forward, else these emotions can become ‘buried alive’ only to resurface unhelpfully in future co-parenting situations and new relationships.
As painful as the emotions may be – grief, anger, guilt, loneliness – they all have a place in the process, and I am here to support clients working through these with the goal of getting to acceptance. From here, we can start looking for the meaning in the experience. Shift the perspective from ‘Why is this happening to me?’ to ‘Why is this happening for me?’ Crazy as that may sound at the outset, it is this search for learning and meaning that propels us forward after setbacks. With this new perspective, we are then able to turn the focus to the future and creating the (new) life desired. The outcome of this process is to allow clients to become the ‘hero(ine) of your life, not the victim.’
Further information about my background and approach to coaching can be found on my website:
‘I was pretty stuck when I met with Kelly. She offered great understanding and an outside view to help me see beyond my sense of loss. Coaching with Kelly was a good balance of the logistical and the emotional. She gave me practical strategies to navigate the process but also allowed me time to vent, unload when this process seemed overwhelming at times. Throughout, Kelly kept the faith that better things awaited for me, and they did.’
Angela, 48, London 
‘I was in a very angry place when I met with Kelly. I had reason to be, and Kelly gave me time to express all of this, but she also helped me get beyond the anger so I could move on. Through our work together, I got a stronger sense of myself and what I want out of life so that I can now move forward more confidently. Kelly also helped me build a functioning relationship with my ex so that we can co-parent together. For this I am most grateful.’
Lorraine, 45, London
How can I help
  • Working through the range of emotions post separation
  • Providing coping strategies and tools
  • Effective communication strategies for dealing with your ex
  • Designing and implementing healthy co-parenting arrangements
  • Facilitating learning and getting to meaning from the experience
  • Mapping out future hopes and goals
  • Using the crisis of divorce as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation
  • One to one coaching
  • Fact to face
  • Skype or telephone sessions
  • Workshops
  • Support groups
  • Email for pricing information
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  • Free initial phone/Skype consultation


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Telephone: 07961 840 623
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