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I do what I do because I passionately believe that children have the right to grow up in a secure parental bubble even though their parents may no longer be together. Often when relationships break down it is really difficult to move away from difficult emotions in order to parent your child with your ex.

I have been a co-parent for over a decade and I developed The Co-Parent Way to enable separated parents to learn how to communicate effectively in order to bring up their children. I am trained by the Coaches Training Insitute and am accredited to a PCC level by the International Coaches Federation. I sit on Resolution’s Parenting After Parting Committee. Prior to becoming a coach I led communications teams in the diplomatic sector.

Using over a decade of research to develop The Co-Parent WayTM, I offer a completely unique service coaching parents on how to manage their separation whilst keeping children as safe and stable as possible. A break up where a child remains whole and resourceful and playful is definitely possible. As a divorcee and a co-parent I know how utterly crucial it is to carefully construct a protective space around your children when you are going through a separation. Co-Parent coaching isn’t counselling or relationship therapy, or divorce coaching.

It doesn’t focus on the story of the break-up, it doesn’t focus on the story of the couple. It looks straight to the child and offers practical and achievable ways to enable parents to interact with each other and because it does that, it keeps that child in a safe parental bubble. Therapy and counselling are super and brilliant and they enable people to understand the root cause of their issue, address it, deal with it and hopefully move on from it. Coaching is much more practical. It may find the root cause, but we don’t sit in it, we look at forward movement, identifying the patterns that are keeping us stuck, finding a different perspective and realising how to move forward from it.

Parents leave co-parent coaching being able to communicate more easily with each other, they know how and where to compromise, they can see things from their ex’s perspective, they can understand how their child might be feeling and make mutual decisions from there. This means they can go on to do practical things like sharing out school holidays, meeting a new partner, both of them now feel able to go to parents evening, together.

Co-Parent Coaching doesn’t dwell in the break-up story. It looks at your reaction to the other person and helps you take responsibility for your own actions. It gets you to a place where you can move your anger and fear and hurt to one side and work together with your ex to bring up your children. It’s different to mediation because we don’t work with both parents in the same room. We work with them separately 1-2-1 to get them to a place where they understand what it is they want for their child, how they want to interact with the other parent what their own boundaries are.

We give them the tools to put those boundaries in place and we help them know how to deal with confrontation in an effective and non-combative way. Parents learn to negotiate, compromise where appropriate and work better together. They also learn to communicate effectively around the raising of their children and without too much emotion. I also work with blended families, where there are new partners, additional children and grandparents joining the family. I help them navigate the tangle of lives to enable a more harmonious family.


“If courts and the law told parents to work with a co-parenting coach before deciding to go to court, then the whole system would be better.  I approached Marcie after years of trying to co-parent and I believe thatusing co-parent coaching instead of meditation would have kept us out of the courts. I now have ways to communicate neutrally and I don’t need to give in to my ex in order to keep the peace.”

“Having just divorced, the main importance of separating – successfully parenting our children apart – wasn’t happening. Marcie is personable and friendly and I greatly enjoyed working with he. She is clear in how to go through this and took us both along skilfully and quickly, leaving me feeling confident and secure about how we will carry on.”

“I have known Marcie for several years now. Over the last year Marcie has been a member of the Resolution Parenting After Parting committee. Her contributions on the committee are so valuable and the work she does compliments the aims of the committee perfectly.  I have also heard Marcie speak, most recently at the CAFCASS Co-Parenting Conference. I have always been impressed with Marcie’s knowledge, attitude and approach in this challenging area of work. I would have no hesitation in referring my clients to Marcie”
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