Why Divorce Does Not Mean The End Of Your Career

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Divorce may leave you feeling pretty messed up, but the good news is that your career does not have to suffer.

Here are 3 ways to manage your career, despite your divorce.

1. Tackle your stress  

The emotional toll of divorce, even a relatively ‘good’ divorce is huge. If you want to be seen as confident and capable at work, even under pressure, don’t leave it to chance.

At best stress can lead to a fuzzy head, and at worst some nasty health challenges. Your office may have a work from home policy, but working from hospital does not count.

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2. Focus on what is Working

There are plenty of unhelpful ways to find solace during a divorce such as alcohol or gambling, but you could do worse than to throw yourself into your work. By immersing yourself in what you are good at means that the positive feedback you will gain will trigger the body to release endomorphines, a natural ‘feel good’, stress reducing chemical. You get to feel great and your organisation benefits. You never know, your divorce might lead to a promotion!

3. Don’t be too proud

If you think going through a divorce is nothing to do with the organisation you work for, think again. You are not a robot and your suffering will leak out, no matter how professional you are. If people at work don’t know what’s going on, they will make things up. It’s human nature. Do yourself a favour and at the very least tell your boss. A stiff upper lip might be alright for the Queen, but you are not the reigning monarch and a little personal disclosure might go a long way to get through this difficult time.

Don’t be too proud for ask for help. Your HR Department may well be up for paying for a counsellor or coach to help you through. Manage it well it and your divorce pain could lead to your gain, at least in the workplace!

Written by Sandra Swan www.sandraswancoaching.com If you are a mid-career professional wanting help with your career or ways to effectively manage stress, contact Sandra, Specialist Career Change Coach for Midlife Professionals. Email: sandra@sandraswancoaching.com


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