Goal Setting After Divorce

Goal setting is a powerful tool you can use to look towards your future and increase confidence, self-esteem and take the control back you may have lost through your divorce.

It is about creating and finding the new you.

The first step to change is having a dissatisfaction of where you are and a vision of what you would like it to look like and understanding the first steps to change.

However all this has to be greater than the resistance to change.

It is harder to change than to remain the same.

To begin this process start small, with achievable goals.

These can make a huge difference to how you view the world for example

1. Change our image

It may be time to change our image reinvent ourselves, grow into a new person.

This may be a simple as a new haircut or a new wardrobe.

It may be time to look at our diet and exercise.

To lose a little weight or gain some weight that we may have lost.

2. Gain knowledge

What about learning something new, expanding our knowledge and stretching our minds will always give us a new perspective on life.

It may be going to college to gain some qualifications or learning a new language, perhaps learning to cook or reading those books we have never got round to.

3. Obtain a new hobby

A new hobby gives us a new lease of life.

Joining a gym or learning to swim, attempting that climbing wall may be something that helps us unwind and relax.

Piano lessons, new crafts or joining a walking club.

4. Increasing your social circle

Meeting new people is a great way to build confidence and start to reshape our new lives. Joining a dating agency a club or society.

All of which can reshape how we view ourselves and how we interact with others.

5. Creating new boundaries

We all know what we would have changed in our previous relationships and how we would have liked things to have been different.

This is a great opportunity to revisit what you want from any future relationships

What core values are you looking for?

What things are important to you within a relationship?

What is acceptable and unacceptable?

Take this time to re-evaluate your boundaries.

Whatever goal you set for yourself ensure you start small, be specific about how and what you want it to look like, think about how you will measure your success and if it's achievable and realistic.

It is also important to ensure you give yourself enough time to maximise your potential in becoming the new you.

Written by Jo Rayner. Life Coach. www.joraynercoaching.co.uk

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