5 Rights Of A Child After Divorce

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The parents going through the divorce or separation will face disturbance & stressful situation. Moving houses, dealing with emotions, dividing assets, and negotiating a parenting plan, can be exhausted.

While it may appear that you and your co-parent cannot agree on anything at times, there is one thing you must agree on: you must keep your children and their well-being at the forefront of whatever actions or decisions you make during this time. But what influence in your daily life? How can you and your co-parent agree on what it means to prioritize your children?

To get started, consider the fundamental rights that every kid deserves following their parents' divorce. You can be a little more assured that your child's wellbeing is kept at the forefront by utilizing these essential rights as motivation for every action and decision.

Let’s begin…

A Child Must Be Free to Maintain the Relationship with Relatives/Extended Family Members

Every child is entitled to maintain contact with treasured extended family members without having to choose sides. Never try to influence your child's feelings regarding their extended relatives. Co-parents should consider not just not working against their relationship, but also actively assisting their children in maintaining such relationships. Efforts of both parents needed for the well being of a child.

The Freedom to Refuse to Be a Messenger

In addition to being safe from conflict, every child has the right not to be used as a messenger between their parents. Even if communication is conflict-free, parents unfairly load their children with adult responsibilities when they place the weight of expressing information on them. Instead, parents should adopt a mode of communication that fosters effective, unambiguous information transmission.

Free To Express Their Feelings

Children have the right to communicate how they feel about the divorce. They should be able to communicate their emotions to both of their parents without feeling guilty or fearful. Parents should show their child how much they love them, listen carefully to what their child says, and do everything they can to provide the support their child requires to deal with their emotions in a healthy way, even if that means seeking professional help.

The Ability to Communicate with Both Parents

If both parents are a positive influence on a child's life, the child deserves to enjoy a loving relationship with both of them. Other persons in that child's life should never take this bond away or make it harder for that child to have.


The Right to Security

Every child has the right to continue living in the same manner as before the divorce. If major changes are unavoidable, the child has the right to know what will occur ahead of time, whether it is a move, a change in schools, or even a parent's remarriage.

Regardless of whether you understand and agree with these five important rights that every child after divorce deserves, putting them into reality will take time and effort. Maintain your communication commitment, try different ways, and be open to new ideas. Another approach for easing into collaborative parenting with greater boundaries is parallel parenting. Whatever technique you take, be focused on giving your children these fundamental rights. It will provide you with a firm basis for providing them with a joyful childhood in a healthy atmosphere.

If you want to discuss with an expert to seek consultation then you must contact with an expert divorce lawyer before making any decision.

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