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Marina Pearson (London)
Relationship Expert & Effortless Living Specialist
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About Marina
I am a best-selling author of "Goodbye Mr Ex," which has been published in numerous countries around the world, an International Speaker, and Coach. I am known for transforming feelings of stuckness, stress and overwhelm into peace and freedom so you can fully enjoy and embrace your journey with effortless and ease. My clients leave feeling light and free. I have been featured in Marie Claire, SKY TV, Female First, Best, Spirit & Destiny, NOW, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, but to name a few.  I also write for the Huffington Post. I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt.  My mother is divorced, and I have been through it myself, but I also know how you can transform the pain into peace and joy.
"Before coming to Marina, I was a total wreck, I was completely obsessed about my ex, couldn’t stop thinking about him every min of the day, was obsessed about keeping the contact and kept calling and texting him and just made up reasons for having to contact him and I truly believed I would never be able to get over him nor meet anyone I could possibly like as much as him. During my sessions with Marina, I learned to see everything from a different perspective, she thought me I was seeing him on a pedestal and showed me how this was keeping me hooked. In just 5 short sessions, I feel like a completely different person, I see my ex in a completely different light, we are still friends but I have been able to move away from my obsession and meet other guys, where before no guy would ever come close, I’m truly grateful for the work I did with Marina as I finally got to see the light!"
Pia Chevallier
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  • Life after relationship breakdowns for individuals
  • Pre-divorce/relationship breakdown clarity for individuals
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Telephone: 07515706099
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