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Louisa Whitney (Surrey)

Family Mediator

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I was a solicitor specializing in family law for 12 years before making the move in 2013 to become a full time family mediator. I set up my own independent mediation practice called LKW Family Mediation. I am passionate about the need to help separating couples talk through arrangements and come to an amicable solution. It is never an easy time when a couple separates. Each couple will have different needs and priorities, and LKW Family Mediation aims to empower each couple to find a tailor made resolution.

Mediation provides a process and the tools to enable couples to talk about all the arrangements they need to make when they separate. They can talk about anything that is important to them. They are not constrained by rules about what should or should not be included in the discussions. Mediation can often be a quicker way of resolving matters because the couple is talking directly, rather than waiting for letters to pass through lawyers. It can also help improve communication between the couple; because they are talking to each other directly they do not need someone to speak for them. Mediation is also a safe place to explore options and ideas. It is this exploring of ideas that helps the couple find a resolution that works for them and their children.


Louisa provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere in mediation. Clients feel able to talk freely and feel confident and secure in the mediation process. She is often referred matters by other solicitors where relations between a couple have substantially deteriorated and the solicitors are concerned that the matter may end up in court. Louisa's measured and calm approach helps the couple to make their discussions more constructive and to focus on the important decisions.

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