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Elizabeth Leah (Surrey)

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Elizabeth Leah joined the family team at rhw Solicitors LLP on 3 January 2012, from a leading law firm in Sussex. Elizabeth has over 25 year’s experience. She has worked for clients in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, London, elsewhere in England and has international clients notably in France, the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Dubai and Tanzania.

Elizabeth has a great deal of experience in all aspects of family law and regards her best skills as an excellent communicator and negotiator. She will always try to bring about as speedy a settlement as possible. She practises in divorce and financial proceedings, prenuptial agreements and co-habitation agreements, advice and negotiation to unmarried couples who wish to separate.

She also represents parties in Children cases. She has handled successfully, cases where very considerable and complex assets are concerned but also takes care where assets are very limited and consequently settlement is just as or even more difficult to achieve.

Where negotiation and co-operation prove impossible, Elizabeth will bring about a definite and faster solution through court proceedings. Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in international law, acting for clients in Europe, the US and other countries on a myriad of financial and children issues.

In particular, the experience she has in this field has led her to successfully handle cases involving the removal of children to other countries. Elizabeth is a member of Resolution.


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