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Sarah Ryan (London)

Global Managing Director of Simantov International
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I am the Global Managing Director of Simantov International. We are the world’s Premier Jewish Matchmaking Agency established in 1975, connecting relationship-minded singles in the Jewish community who are willing to travel the world over to find love.

I have been a matchmaker for 5 years based between London and New York. I immersed myself into Simantov at the beginning of 2016 growing the team globally and furthering our introductions on an international scale. We have ambassadors, client representatives and matchmakers on all continents. In a world where we are so connected and contactable it amazes me and my team everyday how traditional matchmaking is consistently at the forefront of singles minds when they enter the preferred partner search.

No matter how efficiently we are able to connect online with other singles it seems we are still looking for that deep, meaningful, lasting connection and hiring a matchmaker really ensures that singles are meeting individuals who want to be on the same end page as them.

The preferred partner search is a process and we have to ensure all clients we onboard are as serious in their search as we have been in our forty-one years of matchmaking.

We vet and screen thoroughly ensuring formal applications are received, everyone goes through an interviewing process and when the search and selection process for introductions is underway we require thorough feedback to ensure all singles are accountable to the dating process. We make recommendations and ensure our client reflect on each introduction and all potential matches so all parties can put their best foot forward in finding their partner.

We work on a premium scale whereby all clients are worldly, educated, ambitious and embody the values that Simantov look for in a client year after year whereby all who are welcomed into the pool agree that the search is global, conducted with gumption and unparalleled in the world of Jewish dating.


“Dear Sarah, I was chatting with my mum whom is also looking for a matchmaker and I told her how amazing you are. Could I pass you on her details to contact her? Please don't tell her that I am with you but I am just so happy with the service. Client, London, United Kingdom

“My apologies that I did not answer before, I had to go out of town.What a truly outstanding, beautiful, amazing lovely girl. I believe that Simantov is the perfect choice for me and my matchmaking experience and what a database of incredible singles you have” Client, Mexico City, Mexico 


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