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As a well-known award nominated Dating Coach from London, I have been featured in many of the UK¹s top media outlets as a contributor, as well as being the go-to-person for commentary when topical discussions relating to dating appear in the media.

I specialise in helping singles get their lives back on track in order to go from singledom to a fulfilling relationship and from heartbreak to happiness. I work with both men and women of all ages around the world who are single, divorced or widowed.

I'd say my specialty is being able to pinpoint areas of imbalance within a person's life or emotional equilibrium within record time. Dubbed the 'Modern Day Hitch' by the Daily Mail, I have experience running singles events and being a matchmaker, as well as being a coach. My experience gives me the ability to be able to see a person's situation from all angles in order to give a balanced view as to what's going on.

My acclaimed 4 Step Process allows my clients to achieve results in records time and usually within less than 5 sessions. I really look forward to working with you and assisting you on your journey to happiness and abundance.


I found working with Suzie to be incredibly helpful. She is a warm and empathic person who helped me articulate and identify what I am looking for in a partner- in a way I would not have been able to do on my own. We established a great rapport, which put me quickly at my ease and allowed for greater intimacy and trust. I would recommend Suzie to anyone who wants to truly understand who they¹re looking for and understand how to meet them.

I was recommended to Suzie and her services through a friend. After our initial conversation I immediately felt that Suzie understood my situation and felt an instant rapport with her. As a newly divorced man entering the dating scene again after 15 yrs, it felt quite daunting to me and I didn't know where to start or how to go about meeting potential dates.

Suzie's ability to understand my concerns, her natural ability to foresee situations and her ability to guide me gently back in to the dating world has been totally invaluable. I come away from our sessions inspired, confident and full of positivity. Her advice around the dates I have gone on so far has proven very helpful and extremely accurate. I now feel more excited, confident and more self assured about meeting new ladies and what the future holds in store for me. I can't thank you enough!


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