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Greta Bereisaite (London)

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Hello, lovely ladies. I'm Greta a dating & relationship coach for women. The best way to describe what I do is to say that I help, guide, consult and support women to get the best out of their guy and their relationship situations.

A lot of times we blame others for unsuccessful relationships and expect people to change, the truth is the change depends on us.

My motto is a man will treat you how you let him treat you. So your relationship does depend only on you, only on your mindset. Was there something that you might have done wrong if your relationship has fallen apart?

If we change how we think and show it with our actions the other person will automatically change too. You have the control of your life and your relationship!

The tricks are to know how to find that control within yourself. Let me guide you and advise you on how to take the power back in your hands, how to be treated with respect, love and be cherished and cared for in your relationship.


She is amazing, I really like her advice. She gave me so much confidence, now I know what to do, how to do it in the right way and to not to be a doormat. I recommend  Greta to anyone who needs help with dating and relationship. Dorrotya. London

Very patient, kind and understanding. She is also extremely knowledgeable and can guide a person well. Really understands the difference between the 2 genders, a great mentor to have on the journey of love. Gabriele. London

I really love what this woman is doing. She gives sound practical advice that’s very specific. By the advice she gives I can tell she has a lot of experience with men. I sought her advice on how to deal with a situation with a guy more strategically and less emotionally, I would recommend her for anyone having problems dating. Rita London

Thank you for your very insightful ability to help me sort through complicated issues. You are the Best!!! Deborah Wilcox

I love your videos. I'm always telling people I know that to WATCH your videos. These videos will save men and women a lot of heartache. R.Walsh United Kindgom


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