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Rachel Maclynn (London)

Founder of The Vida Consultancy
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About Rachel and The Vida Consultancy

I am the founder of The Vida Consultancy – an international award-winning matchmaking agency. Our aim is to find life partners for the world’s most exceptional people.

I moved into a career in matchmaking 10 years ago as a detour from my original career path as a business psychologist. When I discovered matchmaking as a profession, it had instant appeal: it provided the opportunity to work with inspirational people all over the world and there is no greater feeling than helping someone find love.

It excites me how much the industry is blossoming and I’m honoured to be working alongside the Matchmaking Institute, to develop and raise professional and ethical standards amongst new and existing matchmakers.

At Vida, we consult our clients throughout the entire process. We fully respect their viewpoint, but we’ll also contribute our own expertise and insight, as vital ingredients, which must go into the melting pot.

We recognise that what a client says they want in a partner and what they actually need can be very different. We work with you to define and then find your ideal partner; someone compatible not just physically, but also with shared values and life goals.

Our exclusive offline network of single men and women, is arguably one of the most impressive in the world, extending beyond London to many cosmopolitan cities. It is our job and pleasure to personally search amongst our network of thousands of vetted singles, honing in on the select few who most closely match you.


After losing my husband, I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. Vida reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and ended up meeting someone after five months. I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again. Ashley, 56, NYC

I knew Leila would find me someone. She seems to know everyone in London, so it didn’t take long! Matchmaking for Leila is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. It shines through and I am glad to be at the receiving end of her magic! PAUL, 52, London


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