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Communicating through photos is a big part of my life. I started modelling at the age of 30. It taught me how to break a genuine smile and how to look into the camera with confidence. It also taught me that it’s all about capturing the moment and framing it right.

Working with both professional and amateur photographers taught me the difference between good and bad photos. I did modelling for 7 years. By then I was a hobby photographer, snapping every scene that caught my eye. I had been online dating on and off for about 8 years.

Only a handful of people made an effort to upload really good photos. They were the ones who won dates. Then, when a male friend asked me to take photos of him while on a short break in Rome and afterwards told me how he won dates on Tinder, an idea was born.

That idea is now a genuine service that gives people the opportunity to get attention and dates. It is called


"Working with Laura was easy. I just needed a few good picstures and didn't want a big fuss. She allowed me to keep my sunglasses on for effect at first but once I felt relaxed, I took them off and faced the camera without hesitation. She's great at making you feel confident and I love my new pictures."
Michael – from South London

"I had previous photo shoots with other photographers where I wore heavy make up and a couple where I didn't, and decided on the latter. I wanted to look as natural as possible. Laura gave me little direction, she wanted the work we did to feel like a walk in the park, and so it did. Hence the results, a happy and comfortable me. The compliments are flooding in. Thank you, Laura. Erika – from South East London

Posing is not my thing. There is no way I would look better in front of the camera than a deer caught in the headlights. Laura and I had a coffee and a chat beforehand about what and what not, so by then time we actually got to shooting, my mind was off the shoot entirely. I just smiled in her direction and there, I've got my photos. And the feedback's been incredible." Daniel – from South London

"I had my own ideas of what backgrounds I wanted for the shoot, and Laura went along with them. I was surprised when she then just randomly asked me to stand at the edge of the water. Those shots turned out to be the best. We went on to shoot a lot and got many great photos, but now I know what a photographer can really bring to the table. That eye for that perfect picture. I highly recommend her." Nathan – from North London

"I'm the fidgety type and need to be told exactly how I should stand in front of the camera. Laura wouldn't have any of it. The shoot wasn't about posing to the camera. It was about feeling good and showing it. So we worked on that. Although we shot for about an hour, I felt as if it was 10 minutes. Time just flew by. This was so much fun, I'd like to do it again, except I'm too busy dating." Robertina – from East London

"I do not consider myself photogenic and generally had no expectations. But it was high time I got some new photos, as I had none for a while now. I thought I'll better stay serious as I can't just smile without it turning into a cheesy grin. We started off with my serious shots and as we got along I enjoyed it more and more and we found a smile that works for me. And it's getting lots of attention. Laura is a lot of fun to work with. I'm now planning to do another shoot, this time with beard." Arun – from West London

"I was not sure what to wear as I prefer sporty and casual and I imagined I would need to dress up for the shoot. Laura reassured me that it's fine to wear whatever I feel comfortable with, so I stopped worrying. I am really happy with my photos as Laura managed to capture my different moods throughout, smiling, cheeky, thoughtful, amused. Thus it almost looks like 3 shoots in one. Thank you for the great experience and many thanks for the photos. These are so much me." Odette – from Central London

"I've never had a photo shoot before. I have photos of me, of course but most are from my travels. There is the building and me, the statue and me, etc. I've never felt so special. Laura made me feel like a star. The me I saw through her eyes was worth discovering. Wonderful experience. Love the photos. Thank you, Laura." Henriette from North East London

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  • Free consultation on your dating photo needs
  • Flexible time frames for the shoot
  • Sorting backgrounds at chosen locations
  • Help with choosing outfits and make up
  • An easy, fun and effortless photo shoot
  • Photos ready within 72 hours

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  • Dating profile editing and writing
  • Assistance with dating questions
  • Dating site recommendations
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