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Rebecca Gale (Cheshire)

Breakup and Divorce Coach
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About Rebecca

Hello! My name is Rebecca Gale and I am an accredited breakup and divorce coach and founder of The Divorce Fairy. I specialise in, but am not limited to, coaching clients who are leaving toxic relationships, and expatriates who are separating/divorcing.

Following an international career in Human Resources and the breakdown of my own marriage, I decided to combine my corporate experience in coaching with my personal experience of navigating the emotional rollercoaster of breakup and divorce. I trained as a breakup and divorce coach and I'm now passionate about helping others to gain clarity over their situation, take back control and move forward positively.

My Coaching

The break up and divorce coaching that I provide is a personalised and specialised service. I understand what you are going through and I use tools and strategies that are particularly effective in helping you to cope with the different stages of a breakup and/or the divorce process. I provide compassionate but challenging coaching that is designed to help you to move forward positively. All coaching is provided online via Zoom, making it easier for you to access from anywhere in the world and fit sessions into your busy schedule.

Often, when we come out of a relationship, whether it's a happy one or a difficult one, we can experience a range of emotions from heartbreak and jealousy to anger and depression. This sudden avalanche of emotion can blindside us; it can feel overwhelming, it can destabilise our wider lives and it can cause us to make important decisions based on emotion rather than reason, which can increase legal costs and lead to an undesirable result.

I will help you to recognise the emotions you are experiencing, identify your triggers and show you tools that will help you to dial them down to a more manageable level. When a relationship ends, it's common to have feelings of self-doubt, guilt, low self-worth and worries over how you will be able to cope without your ex or what your future will look like.

I will help you to reflect on past experiences and learn from them, and I will work with you to identify any concerns or any beliefs about yourself that are holding you back, leaving you more able to envisage and build a future you are excited about.

Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Where the relationship has been a toxic one there can be added complexity. I can help you to recognise abusive behaviour and identify 'red flags' so that you feel more confident in moving forwards. I can also help you with issues such as co-parenting or spotting and coping with 'tactics', if you are dealing with a ‘difficult’ ex.

Expatriate Breakups

Separating or divorcing as an expatriate also has its own unique difficulties, from being isolated from the usual support networks such as family, to navigating different legal jurisdictions and managing international child custody arrangements. I can help you to identify where you need clarity and support and assist you in developing a plan to make you feel more in control.

How I can help

  • Struggling to leave a toxic relationship Expatriate separation and divorce
  • How to cope in the early stages of separation
  • Handle your emotions and build emotional wellbeing
  • Navigate the divorce process, be prepared and make better decisions
  • Deal with a toxic ex Manage a divorce with children How to increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Build resilience
  • Develop the confidence to date again
  • How to thrive after divorce


“Rebecca is a remarkable person. I always looked forward to our conversations. She listened and advised without bias or judgement and was kind and thoughtful with some excellent recommendations on how to process and deal with the matters we were discussing. Rebecca is an excellent listener and experienced and knowledgeable on the subject matter. I always felt a lot better after our calls and I would highly recommend her." A.D.


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