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Susie Mitchell (Cheshire)

Personal Development Coach
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I help to create 'Transformation' of your mind, your body and your heart, whatever you choose that to be. Using the power of Neuroscience and Psychology (which I studied for my Dual PhD), I passionately care about helping people. Many individuals I have worked with, experience breakthroughs and shifts. As a Divorcee myself, I deeply understand some of the things you are feeling, through heartbreak we can draw on different strengths. I will help you create a Stronger Mental Blueprint, to move you forward to a happier, even better life. With more than 25 proven years’ specialist experience in the field of Personal Development, I use Powerful Transformational Coaching to make shifts that soar people to know they can live a truly fulfilled life. I am honoured to be one of the elite Tony Robbins Trainers working with many people around the world. My personal strap- line, ‘Live well, laugh often, love with passion and be healthy’. I have written a few books so far: ‘Sat Nav for the Soul’ and 'The S Word', Top Tips Booklets and CD's ( on my website ).


I just want to say what a positive impact you had on me the other day and I drew strength from it. I had mentioned feeling 'lost’, but I no longer do, knowing the truth and being able to free myself from a very negative relationship I feel so much happier and stronger like a great weight had been lifted from me. Obviously emotional ups and downs are to be expected but I am more resilient than I ever knew. Anyway thanks again wishing you love, luck & happiness Donna

Working with Susie is one of the best experiences I've ever had! She is totally supportive and works with me to make clarity of my life, thoughts and ideas. I now believe in myself, look at the possibilities rather than the problems and have excitement in the way I live. My life and work are full of things I love, as I recognise and embrace them, life just seems to have so much more to offer, when you know what you're looking for! Susie is simply for me, someone who wants to get the best out of you, for you! Johannah


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