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Emma Halliwell (Surrey)

Separation and Divorce Coach
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About Emma

Hello! I am Emma. I am a Separation and Divorce Coach and I help people through the practical difficulties and emotional turmoil that arise following a separation and/or divorce. I support them through issues in day to day life and the family court system (if that is needed). I also offer practical tools to navigate through any separation to a happy future!

Any type of separation/divorce can lead to any number of struggles and you may be familiar with one or a combination of many. These can include heartbreak, conflict, battles in the family court, overwhelm, children and parenting challenges, changes to business and work and more.

You may feel you are drowning with the all encompassing nature of your separation or divorce. I will help you move through this process supporting you with tools to manage negative feelings, gain clarity, dial back emotions and simply feel happy again.

I will offer you litigation support helping you through the often high conflict situations that arise within the family court. Divorce can often be driven by emotions and I will support you emotionally as well as practically to help you take control of your own feelings, so you become more empowered and able to make better decisions at this utterly crucial yet difficult time.

You are being asked to make certain life changing and lifelong decisions at a time when quite frankly you would probably rather be hiding away tucked up in bed. This is totally normal and understandable but these decisions have to be made so working with me will not just help you now but so importantly in the future.

I have stood where you are now and know that with support you can get through this and and have a future that you will look forward to living. Please do contact me - the sooner we start the quicker you'll get there!


Emma was my divorce and separation coach when I began the process of my separation during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Working with Emma was the most positive thing I did for myself during that very difficult period, although when we began I didn't really know what to expect.

At the time I was feeling lost, angry and confused, but Emma helped me navigate the whole situation with more clarity and strength than I would have managed alone. We talked (a lot - thank you, Emma) to be able to understand my circumstances, and Emma provided coping strategies and action-points to begin moving forwards. She also posed questions that I hadn't yet considered.

Emma even acted as my ex on the other side of practice conversations so that I would feel more prepared and empowered when faced with difficult discussions in real-life. Emma's advice was easy to follow and helped me see that there was a way through my separation, which can be difficult when so emotionally involved.

She guided me through the practical and emotional aspects of the situation and held me to account (in a good way) on things I said I would do but which I might have ignored for longer than was helpful without her. I looked forward to our conversations. I cannot recommend Emma enough. Her approach, guidance and support helped me so much. Thank you, Emma!

How I can help

  • Help you gain an understanding the stages of heartbreak and your emotional response
  • Gain clarity around your feelings
  • Learn to manage the emotional and the day to day struggles of breakup or divorce
  • Create an action plan to give you a positive way forward
  • Create small changes to help you feel more in control and to help you get through the day
  • I will give you tools to help you deal with difficult situations that may arise
  • Learn ways to reduce conflict between you and your ex
  • Help you pull together information you need for discussions around finances
  • How to stop that desire to stalk your ex on Facebook/Instagram
  • Strategies for communicating with and managing your difficult ex
  • Help to ‘co parent’ effectively or ‘parallel parent’ with a toxic ex
  • How to manage feelings of overwhelm and dial down the intensity of negative emotions
  • Litigation support for getting you through the family court system
  • Assist you to help empower your children and manage their difficult emotions
  • Tips and tools to help you avoid future toxic relationships
  • Most importantly creating a future you are excited to live


  • One to one coaching and support sessions
  • Urgent phone-call as and when needed (same day response)
  • Individual, bespoke action plan designed specifically for you
  • Zoom, phone or in person sessions


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