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Margaret Yates (Surrey)

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Margaret Yates

It may not have been your choice to start the divorce process; however, you can choose how you approach it. You can choose to plan your decisions rather than feel you are are being forced into a situation that’s out of control.

Having survived an acrimonious divorce myself, I trained as a legal executive, specialising in family law, with the express thought of giving my clients the emotional support and practical help which was not available to me and yet I so needed at the time.

I became more focussed on the emotional and practical side of the process and trained as life coach and master NLP practitioner. Although I now no longer practise family law, I use my legal background and knowledge to de-mystify the legal process and organise paperwork, complementing the solicitor’s expertise and service.

I founded Zen Divorce Coaching to provide a safe, confidential space for to those who are thinking about divorce, in the middle of it, or who have just come through it.

As well as emotional support, I provide tools and exercises for clients to learn how to keep calm, get clear on their objectives; value themselves and re-build their confidence; get back in control of their situation and construct a new life after divorce.


“I have come away from my sessions with Margaret a much more positive person. I have learned to cope better with my stressful situations and I'm beginning to value myself again. Although I still have difficult moments at times, I've learned from my sessions with Margaret to deal with them in a more positive and productive way. I would highly recommend Margaret as a life coach. She is very caring, calming, sincere person who can also ask the difficult questions too!” Janet, Buckinghamshire

How I can help

  • A safe, non-judgmental space in which you can openly discuss your feelings.
  • Emotional help and practical support at each stage of the divorce process, complementing your solicitor’s service and expertise.
  • Get clear on your objectives and devise a plan for your new life after divorce.
  • Guidance and strategies to help you remain credible in your communications.
  • Manage and de-mystify the maze of paperwork.
  • Techniques that enable you to respond to provocation with integrity
  • Lessen the impact of divorce on your children
  • Make informed decisions & choices, rather than feeling you’ve been forced into it.


  • One to One Coaching
  • Face to Face
  • Skype/Telephone
  • Workshops and retreats


Special Offer

  • Free 30 minute Skype/Telephone session

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