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Rhiannon Ford (Surrey)

Divorce Coach
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About Rhiannon

During my work as a family law solicitor, I recognised that there were many important issues that my clients faced, for which there was no professional help or support readily available. As well as legal issues, they also faced emotional, practical and personal issues etc. I no longer practice as a solicitor and have trained as a personal development coach.

I now run my divorce consultancy service to provide support and guidance with all the different aspects people may face whilst going through divorce. I use my legal background and knowledge as well as my coaching skills to help empower my clients to feel calmer and more in control of their life as they navigate through their divorce journey.

I provide invaluable help with the legal process, de-mystifying the law and assisting with the practicalities of the legal process, which complements the work done by their solicitor. My clients receive clarity and comfort through a difficult time, helping them to feel confident about a life post-divorce.


"Rhiannon has played an invaluable role throughout my divorce journey, not least by helping me to remain sane and calm during periods of great difficulty. Her professional skills as a Family Lawyer combined with her compassionate, empathic and positive emotional support have helped me to not only understand better the divorce process itself, and the importance of my role within it, but has also given me the confidence and self-belief to see beyond the divorce and face an uncertain future without fear of what it may hold." Alison (Berkshire)

How can I help

  • Practical help and emotional support during relationship difficulty and the early stages of separation
  • Creating of manageable action plans to help you navigate through your divorce journey
  • Support and guidance with all aspects of the legal process(which works alongside your solicitor)
  • Strategies for managing your relationship with your ex during the divorce process 
  • Effective Communication skills to use with your ex regarding children issues
  • Coping strategies to manage emotional stress to help you feel calmer and more confident about the way forward


  • One to one coaching
  • Face to face
  • Telephone sessions
  • Email support


Special Offer

  • Free 15 minute telephone session

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