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Rachel Vincent (London)

Divorce Consultant
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About Rachel

I set up The Divorce Consultant after working for a number of years running my own lifestyle concierge business where I looked after a number of incredibly busy and successful individuals to ensure the smooth running of their intensely demanding lives.

This intensive experience of working in an incredibly demanding and hands on role paired with my own experience of divorce back in 2004 organically inspired me to create the life raft of services that I wish had of been on offer to me when I myself was travelling through the unpredictable and often unchartered territory of divorce, In many ways I've become the person I wish I'd have known then.

I have a good solid knowledge of the legal process and the various options available to you when you're faced with the reality of an irretrievably broken down marriage, I can save you money on your legal bills by assisting you with the completion and collating of all the necessary paperwork, attend legal meetings with you to ensure you get the best out of your time with your solicitor and support you practically and personally throughout, preparing you for and attending formal legal hearings with you if required.

I will give you the tools and guidance to enable you to make informed decisions and feel better equipped mentally and emotionally to handle your ever changing circumstances, inspiring and empowering you to move forward towards an enriching and exciting life that you won’t believe wasn’t ever destined to be.


"Working with Rachel was literally like being led through what felt like a dark, scary place into safety, she did my form E which was a huge relief and was there at both my court dates to support and advise me, I genuinely couldn't have gone through this without her"

How can I can help

  • Access to legal advice recommended to ensure you have the right representation for you and your individual circumstances.
  • Guidance to help you through the legal and practical process of divorce including assisting you with completing any necessary paperwork such as Form E's, statements and collating all required information in preparation for any formal hearing. y paperwork
  • Attend solicitors meetings & formal hearings to ensure you get the optimum benefit from time spent with your solicitor.
  • Assistance with the sale and acquisition of property including arranging valuations and collating appraisals
  • Video inventories to assist with the division of chattels
  • Arranging valuations of chattels to include wine collection/artwork/ antiques and jewelry
  • Advice & guidance on how to best emotionally support children through the process of separation and divorce.
  • Mediation should access arrangements become acrimonious.
  • Advice on how to deal with the impact of introducing new partners to your children, offering you the benefit of continued support and guidance as those relationships develop
  • Having experienced relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce myself I understand what it is you're going through and can offer you advice and guidance that will help you to feel better equipped to deal with your ever changing emotions. I can get you to a place where you will understand why you are where you are, what's likely to happen next and how best to deal with it when it does.


  • One to One Cotswolds
  • One to One London
  • Skype/Phone


  • Cotswolds Initial Consultation £135
  • Sessions thereafter (90 mins) £85
  • Packages of 5 sessions £375
  • Packages of 10 sessions £700=
  • London Initial consultation £165
  • Sessions thereafter (90 mins) £110
  • Packages of 5 sessions £500
  • Packages of 10 sessions £1000
  • Skype/Phone Initial consultation (90 mins) £105
  • Sessions thereafter (60 mins) £70
  • Packages of 5 sessions £300
  • Packages of 10 sessions £500

Special Offer

  • Complimentary 30 minute skype or telephone consultation for new clients.

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