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Victoria Sharman (London)

Qualified Counsellor
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About Victoria
I am a qualified, accredited Counsellor and family therapist, with over 20 years experience and registered with BACP and UKCP. I am passionate and committed in helping partners who are separating, separated or divorced needing psychological and emotional support. Through me, you will find an anchor where you can empower yourself through skilled guidance to overcome relationship distress. I can help you to get clarity by thinking things through, and focus and reaect on your needs and future possibilities. You will receive from me a unique relational and personalised approach of warmth, and attentive and respectful listening, with empathetic understanding and a meaningful response.  
The way to improve your relationships is through talking, sharing of experiences, creating awareness of the real issues for divorcing or separating parents and by exploring practical steps to resolve these issues. Workshops are an excellent way of improving relationships and a source of empowerment which allows meaningful talk. These can be offered online for clients who live overseas or are separated.
I have known Victoria for three years and she has a wealth of technical and practical knowledge and skills that I consult on to deal with complexity of issues, e.g. varying degrees of stress, anxiety and depression. I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria to clients, as her warm, empathetic manner is perfect for putting distressed clients at ease. Her non-judgmental and fair attitude ensures that all parties are heard and comfortable in a safe confidential environment.
Victoria is a truly empathetic counsellor who enabled me to think about my choices and options that were available to me, without putting any pressure upon me to find my way forward. She has given me a very supportive environment where I could talk about my concerns, which enabled me to feel heard and understood. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need.
How can I help
  • I provide support to relieve your distress
  • I am with you to think through your struggles and get clarity of your needs
  • I will develop strategies with you for coping with hurt and upset feelings that can be overwhelming, bewildering and distressing
  • I can help you to grieve for what has been lost
  • I can teach you relationship and communication skills so you feel empowered to negotiate your needs
  • We will develop strategies to improve the outcome for your children, their emotional, housing and maintenance
  • We can consider establishing a co-parenting agreement to reduce parental alienation and promote the well-being of your children
  • I will signpost you to helpful family lawyers and financial advisers to consider alternatives and possibilities
  • The way to improve relationships is through talking, sharing of experiences, creating awareness of the real issues for divorce parents and exploring how to resolve them. Workshops are an excellent way of improving relationship and a source of empowerment that allows meaningful talk. This can be offered online for clients who live abroad or are separated.
  • Face-to-Face or telephone work If you prefer, phone to book our first meeting with me, Victoria on 07936 88 11 50, to suit you.
  • Secure audio & video-conferencing This option is available, it’s like face-to-face therapy as you and I can see one another, but gives you more choice, is easy to access, is convenient and involves no travelling time and cost.
  • Email for information on prices
Special offer
  • Take the first step to opening up to a listening ear and you can do this by taking advantage of a 30 minute discovery session at no cost to you.


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