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Julia Keller (London)

Transformational Love Coach
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About Julia

I am a Transformational Love Coach working with women and men who are serious about becoming the writers of their ideal love stories.

My own story began when I went through a difficult and painful divorce and time post-divorce and decided that I'd better work on improving myself first to make sure to create the kind of future that I want and that is not dictated by the failures of my past. I'd witnessed enough examples of wonderful long-term relationships to believe that lasting true love was possible and I set about the complicated journey of finding it for myself.

As I began to discover the secrets of those successful in love (and in life) I was blown away by how what I learned changed my entire world for then better in ways I didn't even expect.

Through extensive firsthand research, candid interviews, and copious study of teachings in Psychology, Coaching, NLP, and Hypnotherapy, I have developed a process of 3 proven steps on how to believe in love again, gather strength and confidence to get out there, date and find the love we all want.


"I never thought I could feel pretty until I met you. Working with you has made me a happier person as I feel better about myself. Now I feel more comfortable meeting people in general. Being happier and confident about myself is so much better than just finding someone to date"

"Her knowledge, insight and intuition on the “art” of love is always impressive. Her passion and articulation about the subject is clearly her calling. I’d highly recommend her services. The woman has insight!"

“A Love Tune Up Call with Julia both helped me shape what femininity means to me and understand practically how to embrace this. Enjoyable and enlightening. I now see myself differently and believe there’s a real possibility to create a new future where previously I had felt stuck. Thank you! ”

How I can help

  • Loving Yourself First- I help my clients by teaching how to love themselves better, how to improve their self-confidence and self-belief, and how to become the creators of their own idea life and love story.
  • Attract what you want into your life - Using amazing techniques and exercises, we work together to help you understand what you actually want, what you don't want, and what drives you and help you to channel that into your life even before you go out there to claim it.
  • Get out there - Through actual proactive tips and techniques, I teach you how to succeed in the complicated dating world out there, how to be seen and admired for the incredible person that you are already, and how to meet that ideal that you'd like to share your life with. This includes knowing the hows and wheres for your ideal, as well as building a standout online dating or app profile, and knowing how to start and continue a conversation with someone you're really interested in, maintaining the chemistry you need for attraction, and moving from dating to relationship and beyond.


  • One to One coaching in person or Skype
  • Group Coaching
  • Online Self Study Program
  • Webinars


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  • A free 30 min discovery session with Julia to answer any of your concerns or questions:

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