10 Ways to Celebrate Your Divorce

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As Neil Sedaka sang “Breaking up is hard to do”, divorce is painful, arduous & grueling. You may have fought tooth & nail to save your marriage, pleaded, changed your views, changed the way you look, acted or behaved in order that this may save your marriage.

This may have left you feeling empty, and a shadow of your former confident self. It may have knocked your confidence & affected your self esteem. Divorce can feel like an excruciating end of an era and can leave you feeling that the future has nothing to offer & that you have failed in some way.

These emotions range from telling yourself “you can't believe this has happened” to not being willing to accept the current situation. You may have cried, been angry & may have had thoughts of revenge or held onto every bit of hope that you could save your marriage.

This leads to self doubt, feeling overwhelmed and that you are incapable of dealing with the current situation. With time, you start to take a few steps forward but ultimately there will be setbacks but you learn how to accept reality and start to set goals for yourself.

You now realise that the time has come, your divorce is final, you have grieved the loss of your marriage and all the possibilities of what you dreamed life would be like but now its time for change.

People celebrate divorce in different ways and for different reasons. It may be that it’s the end of a long road of pain & suffering or accepting that it’s the start of a new exciting period of freedom. Whatever you are leaving behind how can you celebrate this new era

1. Recharge 

Take a holiday or time out to recharge & recover. It’s important to take time & allow yourself to recover from the chaos that you have experienced. Create space to allow your emotions and thoughts to heal

2. Renew

 Have a makeover. This increases confidence & symbolises new beginnings

3. Revamp

Decorate or move house. Not having to compromise on what colour to paint the walls, what the kitchen looks like. It's time to get exactly what you want.

4. Review 

Your eating & exercise regimes. Nourish your body & put yourself first

5. Challenge 

What can you achieve? Do all the things you’ve been putting off. Take up a new hobby and challenge yourself. You will be surprised what you can achieve in a short space of time

6. Routine 

Create a new routine, this can be revitalising & empowering

7. Emrace your independents 

Go out with friends, or make new friendship groups to remind yourself how having time for yourself can be positive

8. Embrace friendships 

Throw a party & celebrate all the positive influences that you have in your life

9. Clarify 

Review want you want from a relationship in the future.

10. Have fun

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