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Going through a relationship breakdown is exhausting. It can leave you with so many overwhelming feelings and thoughts that feel difficult to move away from. I am an experienced Psychotherapeutic Relationship Counsellor (MBACP) and BACP Registered based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I work with individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships or are struggling after a relationship has come to an end. I offer face to face appointments but also work with people who are not able to get to me online.

My ethos is that everyone has the ability to recover and move on to have a rich and fulfilling life. My personal experience is that having Counselling whilst navigating through your divorce can support you with the emotional impact of the process but also provide you with a safe space to unload all the difficult feelings and emotions that surface and can consume you. It gives you room to reflect and work out what your responsibilities are and the things that you need to step away from. As a parent going through a break-up it can feel stressful as you have to manage your children’s emotional pain and questions as well as your own. In therapy we look at ways to support your children in a healthy way without drawing them into the conflict or having it effect your own emotional stability. Relationship Counselling helps you realise your choices and find your personal power.


"I found Nicola very re-assuring, warm and empathic from the very first session- which is hard to establish especially over a digital connection. Coming from a emotional support background myself I sometimes can find it hard to allow to be 'cared for' and the way Nicola was able to truly listen, engage, and feed back worked very empowering which allowed me to feel safe during the sessions to share whatever I wanted to share. My sessions mostly led towards 'stepping into my own light' which meant honouring my own self-worth and seeing this through my own eyes rather than through others. In particular my relationship had been toxic for a while and I was not sure how to break out without trying to please the other. Nicola clearly articulated the drama triangle which made me realise how  was part of this- as well as my partner- and how to reflect on my own needs. I came to the realisation that the relationship was something that held me back in my own growth and I ended this. I was able to travel to this decision due to Nicola walking empathically alongside me. I have been struggling with this issue for over 5 years and after 5/6 sessions I felt like a weight had been lifted by being able to reflect and share my thoughts and feelings with Nicola. I would highly recommend her services."


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  • I offer face to face sessions at my room in Aylesbury or online appointments using Zoom


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