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Caron Kipping (Buckinghamshire)

Divorce & Separation Coach
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About Caron

About 20 years ago I ended my marriage. After years of controlling /coercive behaviour I started divorce proceedings. This was a really scary time and my mission is to ensure that nobody feels how I felt at that time. I gradually created techniques that helped me back on the road to recovery. I trained as an IDVA (a domestic abuse specialist) and spent the next 13 years supporting other women in abusive relationships. I am now a trained Divorce Coach, accredited by Sara Davison and ‘Author of Recognition to Recovery – how to leave your abusive ex behind for good!’ now available on Amazon. I have come full circle supporting people through their own divorce or separation. I set up this business after recognising that there were many victims of domestic abuse that:

  • Didn’t recognise they were victims of more subtle forms of abuse
  • Didn’t have anyone to support them
  • Were reliant on expensive calls to solicitors for advice


I met Caron whilst going through domestic abuse. Caron welcomed me with open arms. She counselled me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. She helped me understand and compute my experience of domestic abuse. She encouraged me to grow as a person to become the confident lady I am today. I will describe the moment you leave an abusive relationship as a lightbulb moment. Caron helped me switch the light on! Caron then equipped me with the knowledge and tools to survive. She has undoubtedly got the most knowledge about domestic abuse and separation from an abusive relationship; that I have ever encountered.

How can I help

  • Guidance on Civil /Family Court, Divorce processes and potential legal Orders
  • Strategies to reduce the emotional impact of separation
  • Risk assessment/safety planning for clients
  • Support to help clients with co-parenting and communication with their ex
  • 1:1 Freedom programme to help clients break the cycle
  • Tools to help client shift their focus, feel empowered and create a happier future


  • Initial free 20 minute consultation by phone
  • £80 face to face in person (not while social isolation measures are in place)
  • £50 Face time/Skype/WhatsApp 1 hour sessions. I am currently offering additional evening and weekend appointments while social isolation measures are in place.
  • I can also offer online email support via your safe email at the same price as video calls.

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