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Nawal Houghton (Hertfordshire)

Divorce Coach
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About Nawal

I am a solicitor, accredited mediator, mother, divorcee and co parent. I am also Your Divorce Coach. I set up Your Divorce Coach after going through my own complicated divorce. I realised that other than solicitors there was no one else to turn to, to seek help from, or talk to about what was happening to me and my family during the divorce process. I needed someone to see and speak to a when a bad thought or question popped into my head. Someone that would explain the process to me that wasn’t my solicitor, another person that had my back during this process and that would help me achieve my end goal. I now do this for others and more.

I am your personal mentor helping you along your divorce or separation. I fill in the gaps between the law and you, as you make your way through the process offering you access to someone that understands the emotional and practical aspects of divorce and helping you retain a sense of calm and understanding. I am available to you with more than the standard legal approach to Divorce.

Your Divorce Coach provides you with reassurance, support and strategic planning. I understand the complexities of the legal process and I can assist you by empowering you to have more control and understanding of what is happening to you during your divorce. I also specialise in divorces involving narcissistic personalities.

I help my clients with a variety of issues ranging from explaining what options you have around your divorce, to communicating with your ex partner/co-parent, to strategising your mediation and discussing the financial options that you need to future proof your new life.


I have been using Nawal as my divorce coach throughout my divorce. She is a lawyer in her own right so can guide you through the process as well as all the do's and don'ts. Nawal offers a great service which is also much more cost effective than using a family solicitor. she has been instrumental in the smooth runnings of my divorce proceedings as well as helping me to gain as much access to my son as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through divorce and needs an excellent, cost effective coach to guide them through it.”

“Thank you Nawal, you have been instrumental in my divorce, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without your help'

“Thank you for tonight’s session Nawal, it was amazing how you were able to so accurately understand know what was has been going on for me” Male, Hertfordshire

How I can help

  • Divorce Coaching ( including access to me via unlimited text/whats app access )
  • Coping mechanisms in the early stages of divorce and separation
  • Guidance on the legal process, court orders and family court
  • Strategies on how to divorce, co parent and communicate with narcissistic personalities
  • Access to legal advice recommendations ( including fixed fee and Pay as you Go ) providing you with the right representation for you and your particular circumstances
  • Practical support and guidance on how to explain divorce to children, provide support to them during divorce and recommend resources for further one to one assistance
  • Assistance on how to assist children with the introduction of new partners from either yourself or the other co parent and other child issues
  • Strategies and guidance on working as a blended family
  • Advice and strategies on how best to communicate with your ex and co parent to include email and text support and drafting
  • Practical support with the legal and practical process of divorce including assisting you with completing any necessary paperwork such as Form E's, statements and collating all required information in preparation for meetings with solicitors, hearings or mediation
  • Attend solicitors meetings, mediations and other formal meetings ensuring you get the optimum benefit from time spent with your solicitor.


  • 1:1 coaching in person or via Zoom, Facetime or phone
  • Unlimited text/whats app assistance
  • Email support and drafting of correspondence with your ex or co-parent
  • S.O.S calls at the weekends


  • Email Nawal for prices.

Special Offer

  • Free 15 minute discovery call
  • S.O.S call during Lockdown 20 minutes £30 to discuss any issue/query

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