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Carrie Brooks (London)
Life Coach
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About Carrie
I am a certified Life Coach and I am also a tutor and trainer at Animas Centre for Coaching. I have been through a divorce myself, with a child, this experience enables me to better assist my clients who are going through a similar challenge in their life. I offer a two fold service when helping my clients through a divorce. Firstly I assist with tackling all the practical aspects that appear so overwhelming at first and secondly we concentrate on your future life and how you want your life to be, once things have settled. This is so important because it gives you a life line through the emotional times as you begin to take the first steps to build the future you deserve.
"Thank you Carrie for the last few weeks of life coaching. My life is finally moving in the direction I wanted it to. I am unstuck! Over the last couple of weeks my friends have been commenting on the change in me, they say I look much happier, younger and there is a glow about me. All things I never expected when I contacted you, but extremely welcome. I am finally becoming the person I wanted to be” Linda Naylor
How can I help
  • I offer my full support and commitment as a coach
  • Help with the emotional and psychological stress
  • Give strategies for helping your children through this time
  • Help build the first steps towards your future life
  • Help you to see divorce as an experience you can grow and move on from 
  • One to One coaching
  • Coaching via Skype
  • Email Carrie for prices
Special Offer
  • I offer a complementary one hour consultation


Contact Details
Telephone: 07905 101 544
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