How To Let Your Child Know Divorce Is Not Their Fault?

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Before we can go into any depth of this question, understand that there is never going to be one way to do this, for we are all so different and communication therefore may be different.

  • Truth Empowerment 1 Speak with love
  • Truth Empowerment 2 Listen with peace
  • Truth Empowerment 3 Have one goal of harmony

Love Peace and Harmony is the only way you will be able to let them know. It is truly never as simple as how do we let our children know that it is not there fault. It is how we deliver the message.

What does this mean?

1. Our words – matter. it is important to understand that our words become the message.

That it is important to use words that come from a place of love and compassion.

2. Our tone – matters for they speak a 1000 words.

Languages are many in the world and they all have a difference words however Tone is the same universally. When you have a raised, high pitched tone it may indicate anger and frustration. So be calm before you go into this conversation with your children.

3. Our love matters – for above all else this is felt.

If you feel love for your child, then how you tell your children about divorce will reflect that love. Speak from a place of love and understanding not one of anger towards your partner.

So how do you let them know?

Look at the what, why and how it’s happening and how it will happen.

Follow these 8 key steps

1. Have a loving environment set up with preferably someone else there too, someone they feel comfortable with and know who will be a go to person when they need. So, set up this support person.

2. Let them know how important they are and will always be that most important person for you.

3. Let them know the truth and the plan and ASK what do they feel is the best way forward.

4. What are the consequences and address them before your child can bring these up.

5. Allow your child to voice their feelings and listen as a partnership not as 2 people who feel resentment.

Make the most important thing here the most important thing, which is the joy and happiness of your child.

6. Show love of an infinite nature not a personal matter.

7. Tell them the truth about the way the transformation will happen, but listen to what they have to say. Being a transformative listener is key here.

8. In that moment of discussion put your feelings about each other aside and serve your child with your total heart!

Remember violence leads to violence, negativity leads to negativity. Peace leads to peace, and a loving heart leads to a loving response. I hope that this helps, but remember before this step ask yourself have you truly tried everything possible that this never needs to happen. I send you love and light on your path.

Written by Illa Khagram Tao hands practitioner Soul light calligraphy practitioner Guan yin lineage holder Qualified Youth coach Founder of Radiant Lotus at Email

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