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Kim Crewe (East Sussex)

Divorce and Relationship Coach
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About Kim
I really do understand what a difficult time separation and divorce can be, especially if the ending of the relationship wasn’t your choice. It can be hard to manage your own feelings and at the same time help your children in managing theirs. It can be a confusing time for children and hard to make sense of it for you too. You may want to come and talk about what is keeping you awake at night or work with me to put together a parenting plan. There is a way forward and I can work alongside you to plan your journey into your new life. I have spent many years working in Sussex as a counsellor and now specialise in separation and divorce coaching If you have decided to get a divorce and would like some support with this process I would be pleased to meet with you individually or you as a couple to work with you to navigate your way and point you in the direction of family lawyers and financial neutrals who are committed to a collaborative way of working. The legal process can sometimes feel like a mine- field. I am a Resolution recognised Family Consultant and an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
“Thank you Kim, since working with you I have a much better relationship with my ex-partner and son, we communicate regularly and because of this our son is more relaxed and moves between our houses with ease.”
“I am feeling so much more confident about managing my divorce, it really helped to have somebody alongside me, encouraging me. I never imagined it could be so confusing and stressful. The space with you was invaluable in helping me explore my post divorce life”
How can I help
  • Building your confidence
  • Assertive and clear communication
  • Putting you in touch with friendly and experienced lawyers and other professionals
  • Space to talk about your children and any worries you may have
  • Planning for your new future
Counselling and Coaching
  • In person one to one
  • In person couples
  • Skype
  • Telephone
Special Offer
  • 30 mins telephone or in person conversation to see if we are good fit


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