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Megan Holgate (Australia)
Life & Divorce Coach
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About Megan
Having lived as an expatriate in London & Hong Kong and worked for 25 years within the hectic Financial Markets, I am able to bring my business skill set, in conjunction with a deep understanding of the divorce process and the changes it creates within our lives.
My divorce began suddenly. Within a 24-hour time frame, sitting on a Qantas jet from Hong Kong to my family in Sydney with my 8-week-old daughter. I had with 24 hours said goodbye to my marriage, my career and my home, yet somehow I knew I would not be defeated. Resilience helped me through these desperately dark days, to help me begin a new life, the best possible one for my daughter and I.
I understand confidence and rebuilding our self-belief is essential in achieving the right divorce and divorce settlement. You must have optimum confidence during divorce, as you are making the most important decisions that will affect both yours and your children’s future. You must be calm and confident during this process, to ensure your life and future is the one you so rightly deserve.
Don’t ever settle for less in life, particularly during Divorce. My number one goal for my clients is to ensure in many years beyond their divorce, when they reflect they have one common denominator – ‘No Regrets!.’ I learned many lessons during my Divorce with my Investment Banker ex-husband, and have a FREE 22 page document on my website that is an essential guide in divorce. Let me be your secret weapon.
My experience with Megan has been concurrently personally challenging, positive and powerful. She helped me regain my focus and I have now gained skills through her program that will help me flourish through the rest of my life. I cannot recommend Megan both as a professional and a person highly enough!
Monique Hartman
Megan Holgate is simply, inspiring! In life, no matter how much personal development you do or spiritually aware we all need someone to talk to, at times be motivated by and be accountable to when setting goal. Megan has been that for me. She has listened, supported, coached and most importantly understood the circumstances of my life in running a successful business and raising children in a solo capacity. I am thankful to have Megan’s Life Coaching skills support me on my journey and could not recommend Megan more highly. Lynette Glory
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