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Karla Lee (Australia)
Life Coach
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My parents separated when I was nine years old, and during the 17 years that followed I struggled with the pain of my parent's divorce. Many times I tried to move on, but too many bad memories drew me back to my past. I lost what I called my family, home and security. I felt that something that was so precious to me had been taken away and I had no say in it. I struggled with the issues of rejection, rebellion, anger and depression.
Through my teens I didn’t really know what I was meant to do or be, so I started seeking attention in all the wrong places. My relationship with guys was built on rejection and insecurity. Then as I grew older, I knew what was lacking in my family and that was communication. As I grew up, I felt to write about my experiences as a child of divorce, as I knew that one day I would be able to recognise other children’s pain in this area and somehow help them with guidance and knowledge. Plus I felt I could help guide parents from my own experience.
After a few months of Christian Counselling and unconditional love from her Heavenly Father, I knew my broken heart was beginning to heal. I now felt loved, and in a way that I have never felt loved before. I was starting to learn life principals, forgiveness, unconditional love, and respect for others and herself. I was starting to become strong again, and I believed that I could have a brighter future, no matter how bad things seemed. I then searched through all the bookstores, trying to find a book about divorce, written by a child, but I couldn’t find anything. I was concerned as I thought the only person who could explain how it truly feels to go through a divorce as a child; is a child. I then knew I had to be the one to write this. So I decided to step out and do something I’d never done before, self-publish my own books.
No publishers at the time seemed to think that my books were what they considered in “their stream of work,” but I still knew that the children needed A VOICE. Barbara Holborow (former Magistrate of the NSW Children’s Courts) endorsed both of my books, and I opened my book launch in Sydney Parliament House on the 3rd of March 2003. I stepped out in faith; it’s as simple as that. From something that once took control of my life I am now in control of and looking forward to seeing chains broken off people dealing with divorce as well. I want to see Children of Divorce strive ahead towards their awesome future.
"There is no one quite like Karla Lee, who finds her greatest joy in her faith, her family, her writing, and her public speaking."
“Karla is talented, tenacious, and terrific.”
“This is one dynamite author with a timely message that every parent, social worker, church leader, and child and family counselor needs to hear.”
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  • I offer advice for Parents & Children who may be going through this tough season.
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