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Sue Lindsay (Chester)
Life and Relationship Coach
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About Sue
I have been Coaching individuals struggling with the issues surrounding Divorce for seven years. I liaise closely with Divorce Lawyers (in the Collaborative Law arena), working towards the best outcome for all parties: Mum, Dad and the children. My coaching style is about taking RESPONSIBILTY for what is happening within your life "IN THE NOW". Allowing you to move forward, letting go of baggage and creating the best circumstances within the situation you find yourself in NOW. My own experience of divorce as a child, adult and parent has left me with a mission and purpose in life: empowering individuals in coming to terms with the reality of what is happening to them and their family. I offer a process that brings win-win solutions, by creating a focus on the present and the future that has a well thought out plan for parenting and a new direction in life. Very often thinking, communicating and behaving in a different way makes all the difference needed to heal, move on and form new (different and more fulfilling) bonds with family members. If you would like to hear more around my coaching style, please feel free to get in touch.
“Sue Lindsay is a super personable lady with great integrity and a highly caring nature. Sue is attentive and insightful with a deep knowledgeable expertise of human nature and relationships. Sue has the ability to quickly get to the source of any challenge and elicits creative solutions that bring quick relief from feelings of anxiety. I cannot recommend Sue Lindsay to highly enough. She’s the best."
D. B. (London)
How can I help
  • Communication issues
  • Feelings of ‘Aloneness’
  • Struggling with the Divorce process
  • Separate Parenting 
  • One to one coaching (face to face / telephone / Skype)
  • Email Sue for prices


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Telephone: 01625 871679
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