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I started Asian Single Parents in 2011 when I found that I was the only single parent in my circle of friends. They were in couples and busy with their families at the weekends. I wanted to meet others in the same boat and have company for activities rather than just myself and my daughter doing them alone.

I also wanted to help people after my own experiences, especially as I have been through 2 arranged marriages which didn’t work out. The first because of dowry demands and the second due to other issues specific to the South Asian culture.

It was started on the social networking site meetup and intended to get Asian single parents and their kids out interacting with each other for fun, support and friendship, and to enhance lives in the process.  

We have members all over the UK, including London and the South East, such as Kent, Sussex, Surrey, in the Midlands and surrounding areas. For regional areas, we have WhatsApp groups so members get to know each other better.


“Asian Single Parents. An amazing place to surround yourself with love and support. It’s hard enough being a single parent : add in typical Asian stigmas and it’s a lot worse. I’ve known Aruna for many years now and I’m so impressed with her compassion love and energy.


She’s building an incredible community where people can meet, talk, socialise, connect, support each other and have lots of fun too! From small dinners to holidays she’s organised it all... all from the goodness of her heart.. If you know anyone who is an Asian Single Parent: NOW is the time for them to join this amazing group.”

“ This Meet up provides a great forum for single parents from all backgrounds to come together, share experiences, learn from others and most importantly an opportunity to enjoy themselves with and without children. Aruna is a dedicated host, who plans exciting and interesting activities regularly. This is by far one of the most active of all the meet ups I'm signed on to. A great life saver for us single parents! ”

How I can help

  • Connecting single parents
  • Organising events/meets for children&/parents (currently online).
  • Organising daytime/evening events and holidays/short breaks for single parent families.
  • Signposting single parents to support and advice.

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