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About Claire

I am a qualified Holistic Coach and I work with people who are at a crossroads in their life; I work mainly with people at mid-life, who have experienced divorce or separation and are starting to ponder “who am I?” as they enter a new chapter of their life.

My 20 year career in corporate recruitment is really useful for my clients who are setting up a business, leaving a role or returning to the workplace after a period of absence.

My coach training was with The Institute of Psychosynthesis and I am also a member of The Healing Trust. These qualifications and my own experience over the last 30 years means that I can work with my clients in an integrated way; mind, body and spirit/soul. That’s the holistic bit really; I can work in different ways, depending on what you need.

I have autism in my family and have been studying it for 13 years. My work within specialist ASD schools has really helped me get a greater understanding of this condition. I work creatively with clients who are more visual and prefer me to bring things to life for them. Whilst I can recommend some reputable family lawyers to you, I am not a Divorce Coach; I am your advocate and cheerleader for when you emerge from the divorce process and are not sure what do to next; what work you want to immerse yourself in and who you actually are, deep down.


"Claire has been nothing short of a beacon of support and guidance in my professional journey."

"Claire is more than a coach, she is my pocket angel! Her warmth, support and genuine care create a safe space for me to explore challenges, share successes and grow both personally and professionally. In each and every one of our sessions together, Claire has picked up on every single word, listening intently to everything I say.

To anyone seeking a coach, whether for business, career, or life, I wholeheartedly recommend Claire.  Under her expert guidance, you will find yourself in exceptionally capable hands. Claire is not just a coach; she is a mentor, a confidante and a true asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her."

How I can help

  • I gently guide my clients back to who they really are, after a transition in their life
  • I use psychological models plus an understanding of transpersonal psychology and energy healing to access your soul’s purpose and to connect you with the real you
  • Keep on, keeping on – I have faced many challenges in my own life and I use all of my training and experience to give you tools so that you too can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals
  • You don’t even have to have a goal! Just having a quiet space where you feel heard is healing in itself 


  • One to One coaching in person or Online
  • Free 30 minute Consultation Energy Healing
  • One to One Healing in person in Farnham, Surrey


  • Please schedule a free call or email to find out more about prices
  • My pricing for coaching is set to be inclusive. Discounts are offered for those on low income or who are receiving Job Seekers Allowance
  • My energy healing work is by donation only

Special Offer

  • A free 30 min discovery session with me to answer any questions

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