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Financial advice during and after divorce

A formal separation is likely to have a huge impact on both partners' personal finances. Whether you previously had single or shared financial plans (including pension and insurance), they will almost certainly need a careful review. If you've not been involved in your financial planning to now this could seem particularly daunting.

Holder and Combes believe in holistic financial planning with a long-term view, and as a result offer individual consultancy on everything financial for your present and your future. This includes pension saving and investment, retirement planning, mortgage (or remortgage) advice, tax planning and accountancy (we have an ACCA-registered sister company dedicated to this), medical and life insurance and even school fees planning.

We are always delighted to empower our clients and take the mystery out of finance, if that's what they want. Otherwise, we will give straight-forward advice free from jargon. Either way, we like to be sure that you feel in control of your finances and know what your goals are, and how you are going to meet them. -

About Ed

Ed is a Chartered Financial Planner (this is the 'gold standard' for the profession, equivalent to a bachelor's degree) and is a member of the CFA Society UK and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

About Holder & Combes

Ed and business partner Nick (Combes) started working together in 2002 and there are now twelve in the team besides the two partners. You can read testimonials on our website: Or you can check us out on Unbiased (over 100 reviews):

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