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As the daughter of divorced parents, I have seen first-hand the emotional and financial challenges divorce creates (during and afterwards). As a result, I am now on a mission to help people through this difficult time and avoid them making financial mistakes they live to regret! As an Award-Winning Chartered Financial Planner and Resolution Accredited Divorce Specialist, there are many areas I can help you navigate…

My clients come to me because:

  • They feel financially vulnerable and scared about the future
  • Their ex-partner has always dealt with the finances and they feel “clueless” and don’t know where to start 
  • Their finances are complex and of significant size
  • They do not fully understand pensions
  • They don’t know what they need from the settlement in order to be OK financially for the rest of their lives…

How I help you:

  • In short, there are three main areas where I can help pre, during and after divorce:
  • Initially, I help you establish what need from the settlement – from a capital, maintenance and retirement income perspective
  • I then model potential settlement scenarios via our visualise your future process – so you have the confidence to make fully informed decisions about your finances for the future
  • Post settlement, I help you create a clear plan to achieve financial security for the rest of your lives (this includes processing pension sharing orders etc.) and then holding your hand for the rest of their lives

And along the way, we:

  • Hold your hand through the entire process
  • Make complex situations simple to understand (including ensuring you understand an Actuary report)
  • Save you money because they always have the knowledge you need when it comes to your finances
  • Work alongside other divorce professionals, such as your solicitor, mediator etc.


  • “I am sending my sincere gratitude for the services you have provided for me and will be passing on your details without hesitation.  You have given me the strength and confidence to give stability to both my children.  Know that you have also contributed to helping me be finally free in so many ways and that is a true gift.”

Next steps:

  • How can you know if you want to work with someone if you don't know them from Adam? That is why we offer a 15 minute discovery call (via Zoom), so you can see who we are, understand how we work and how we could help you. Click here to schedule this:

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