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Emma Rees-Davies (Devon)

Breakup and Divorce Coach
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About Emma

Hello there! My name is Emma Rees-Davies. I am an accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach. I help clients who are struggling with their divorce or breakup, perhaps leaving a toxic relationship. I also have an interest with those who are neurodiverse. I have recently helped several clients with Dyslexia and ADHD, navigating the form filling and general legal language that runs alongside divorce.

My previous roles have involved helping people to organise and manage their lives, providing care and understanding. This required great communication, empathy and listening skills. After the breakdown of my own marriage, I trained as a breakup and divorce coach to further enhance these skills. I am passionate in helping others to gain clarity and take back control over their situation. My aim is to help clients move forward with positivity and confidence.

My coaching

Each coaching session is personalised and tailored to you. I get an understanding of what bought you to where you are today, and I will give you tools and strategies to help you navigate your way through your divorce or breakup. Being a coach and having been through divorce myself, I can bring together a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

I create a safe, calm, non-judgemental space where you can share your thoughts and let me guide you through the process more calmly. I mainly work via Zoom but do see local clients face to face. When coming out of a relationship we experience a huge range of emotions, whatever the circumstances may be. These emotions can be completely overwhelming and leave us not knowing which way to turn next.

At a time when we need to be thinking rationally and reasonably, this can be extremely hard to cope with. I will help you recognise the emotions you are feeling and enable you to make important decisions based on reason. This is extremely helpful when involved in the legal process.

This is also helpful when moving beyond divorce. We can look at past experiences, find ways to learn from them and enable you to look to a future you are happy and excited about.

How do I help?

  • Deciding to leave a relationship, for whatever reason
  • Coping with the early stages of separation or breakup
  •  Managing emotions and building resilience and wellbeing
  •  Navigating the legal process of divorce, enabling you to make informed decisions
  • Dealing with a toxic ex, managing children and increasing confidence
  • Looking at dating again
  • Thriving with new life after divorce


“I wanted to say a massive thank you to Emma. She was incredibly kind, calm and patient and helped me enormously through this scary process. She was always happy to listen (and crucially not judge). I have more than survived and am now getting on with life feeling confident and positive”.  LPT, London

“I had been listening to various podcasts about breakup and divorce which was helping, but this was transformed tenfold when I started speaking to Emma. I was in horrendous pain, but Emma was so kind and understanding and patient. She genuinely made me feel empowered to take back my life at a time when I was feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. Emma enabled my recovery from divorce to be much quicker. Our appointments left me feeling ready and excited for the next phase in my life. I cannot thank her enough”. LG, Dorset


One to one coaching online, via Zoom. Free 20 minute discovery call. Discounted packages available.


Please visit my website for all pricing and to book a FREE discovery call:


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