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About Becky 

When my 33 year marriage came to en end, I not only left a job I loved, a network of friends and professional contacts built up over two decades, but also a country I had called home for 20 years. Arriving back in the UK from Dubai, I needed to establish a new home, a new job, a new network of friends and start a completely new life.

As a career change coach I know a lot about transitions and designing a more fulfilling career, but this multi-faceted transition challenged every ounce of my expertise. I’ve also re-designed my career three times, so know on a personal level how it feels to dare to dream for something better – and to make it happen. But while I had this experience to draw on, the emotional and practical upheaval of starting over really taught me a lot.

Five years later and I have put down roots in the SW of England, formed important new relationships, and created enough professional stability to launch my career change coaching practice, Freestyle Careers. I’m proud to say that while my life isn’t perfect (who’s is?) I have work that plays to my strengths and makes a real difference to my clients. More importantly, my life now expresses who I really am.

So if you’ve struggled through a divorce and want to create a new working life that allows you to be yourself, rewards you in ways that matter most to you and enable you to design the next exciting chapter of your life, I’d love to hear from you.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most amazing career coach, for opening up my mind to looking at life and career as a whole, and for showing me how to start aligning my ambitions and goals to my values in life. I couldn’t be happier to be starting this exciting new role and I am so grateful for your inspiration and so glad I signed up to The Quickstep Career Change programme. Best decision I have made in years!” Siliva Paloschi, Exeter Devon

“Becky – the Quickstep Career Change Programme was a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I feel extremely lucky to have had you as my coach.” R.A. (London)

Becky was warm, friendly and encouraging. She was empathetic about my situation and helped to motivate me when I went through periods where I lost confidence or hit a ‘block’. I looked forward to our sessions and felt that each one was useful and purposeful. She is a lovely person and is an excellent coach.” R.A. (London)

Becky first helped me understand that what I was feeling was not unusual, and was in fact positive because it signified positive change was coming. Next, she gave me a structure and tools to work through my thoughts and feelings in a way that gave me the confidence that i was on the right path. And these tools most importantly helped me to muster the strength to take action.  I highly recommend working with Becky.” Chris B, Tourism entrepreneur

“Becky is superb. She has a natural ability to build a trusting relationship quickly, which helped me feel at ease. She built my confidence, listened and guided - all attributes you would want from a coach. Thank you so much Becky - I feel honoured to have worked with you.” Liz McG, W Sussex, UK - from start-up programme director to consultancy and e-commerce portfolio

“I recently completed Becky’s course ‘Inspired - Starting again with confidence’ following my relocation to Shaldon in South Devon. It allowed me to take stock of my move and to celebrate all that I had achieved to make it happen.  Becky’s course is perfect for anyone who is in a period of transition. As humans we tend to sometimes gloss over our wins and move on to the next thing which needs doing - however this course allowed me to pause and reflect. ” Jennifer Corcoran, CEO & founder My Super Connector

Inspired is such a well thought out, soulful course. Career transitions are so often overlooked. Before the course i did not see any distinction between my old role and my new career path. This was detrimental to my new business. Now I have a fresh start and can leave behind all that no longer serves me.” Jillian P, Virtual Assistant, Hampshire

I have all I need – by implementing the skills and attitudes I gained on the programme, I have the chance to realise my ideal life.” Alan Samuel, Rhayader, Wales

“Before starting the Quickstep Career Change Programme I felt lost, frustrated and scared of change, but by the end I was much more understanding of myself, my motivations and my strengths. What’s more, now I’m taking action to do things that are exciting and fulfilling without feeling like I need to wait for the perfect circumstances before starting.” Female Financial Services professional, late 30s

“Becky’s welcoming and open manner instantly put me at my ease and I felt extremely comfortable talking with her. Without me realizing, she was able to identify the things that were important to me and help me focus on achievable actions with confidence. I always left our conversations with a bounce in my step and a smile. Thank you!” Vanessa R. 

How I can help

  • Understanding the kind of life you’d love to create 
  • Understanding your strengths, interests, motivations and achievements
  • Generating new career ideas
  • Aligning your values and purpose with your career
  • Knowing what you really need your work to do for you
  • Making a confident new career choice
  • Developing an empowered mindset to create the transition you need
  • Creating a transition plan
  • Application and Interview practice, professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Developing a network to support your transition
  • Making a confident new start in life and work
  • Turning redundancy into a positive new working life

Services & prices

  • Coaching (via Skype or Zoom)
  • The Quickstep Career Change Coaching Programme (£485)
  • Bespoke career coaching to solve your career dilemma (£85 per hour) 
  • Values Discovery to align who you are with how you live and work (£179)

Online Courses

  • The Quickstep Career Change Programme Online (£79)
  • Inspired: Starting Again with Confidence (£29) 
  • Coming Soon: The Joy of a Blank Canvas – Design the life YOU want (tbc)
  • Online courses:

Special Offer

  • Free 30-minute career call for all prospective clients
  • Free workbook: Know your Success Criteria
  • Free workbook: Joining the Dots in your Career Story
  • Free workbook: Discover Work that Sets you Alight

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