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Hi I’m Linzi! Based in Glasgow I’m a divorce and empowerment coach for women going through a divorce or relationship breakdown. I’m a certified psychologist, counsellor, life coach, EFT practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

Working with clients to help them release negativity, let go of their ex and reclaim their identity, my psychology and mindset-led approach supports the emotional recovery from a life-changing event like divorce and relationship breakdown and helps women not only to survive, but thrive and rebuild their lives.

After my 16-year marriage ended I discovered that there was lots of information on the practical side of divorce ie what paperwork to fill out, what to look for in a good lawyer etc, but there really wasn’t anything out there to help with the emotional rollercoaster you experience.

After 14 years of being a stay-at-home mum I decided to build on my previous Psychology degree and go back to university to gain a qualification in Counselling. Whilst working full time and being a single mum to three amazing kids I returned to university at age 44 and also gained qualifications in Life Coaching, Master NLP and EFT, all within a year.

I decided to start my own business supporting women to build their self-worth, trust and confidence in themselves, reconnect back to who they are after such a life-changing event and begin to build a new future.


“Just wanted to say that it’s only week 3 of your programme and whilst nothing has changed in my crap external circumstances, so much has changed internally for me. I never realised how much he was constantly in my head and kept hearing his negative opinion of me over and over again.

I now see how much this was impacted every single day of my life since he left. It was just holding me back, keeping me small and leaving me stuck in his world. My head feels like mine again and I can’t wait to fill it with hope, happiness and joy again. I can’t believe how different I feel in just a few weeks.”

“To say you’ve helped me turn my entire life around doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thanks to you I’ve stopped letting messages from him tip me into a crappy negative spiral that used to affect my entire day. I used to have such a physical reaction to communication from him. Now it doesn’t even change my mood. I’ve got so much more confidence in myself now and have a true picture of the real situation.”

How I can help

  • Communication: Communicating effectively with your ex if you have to co-parent. Learn how to respond rather than react to him (yes there’s a difference!) and stop the triggers from nasty texts etc ruining your entire day. Co-parent effectively whilst maintaining boundaries.
  • Calm: We will turn your chaos into calm! I’ll help you put an end to your constant fight or flight response as you’re dealing with the overwhelm of changes, finances and responsibilities and managing your own as well as everyone else’s emotions! No more sleepless nights. Bottled-up emotions. Endless loops of upsetting memories playing in your head. You will learn to let go and step into a calm healthy state of mind.
  • Control: Learn key strategies for taking control back (mostly of your headspace) and using your precious energy on yourself instead of your ex. Getting you back into the driver’s seat of your life. We will shift your negative thinking patterns, deal with your triggers and emotions and have you truly believe in your ability to heal and become mentally strong and resilient.
  • Clarity: Together we will work on changing your perspective both on what happened in the past and your current situation. Let go of obsessing over him and what could have been. Recognise emotions such as resentment, anger, guilt, grief and loss and work through them in a healthy manner to then be able to release them.
  • Connection: Connection back to yourself is so important! You will begin to connect to the woman you are NOW. To help you move forwards we will work on discovering what lights up your soul, what makes you happy, what your priorities are and what FEELINGS are important to have in your life and work on bringing more of all this into your current situation. We will also work on connecting you to other support networks. changing your perspective both on what happened in the past and the situation you are in now so you can
  • Choices: Once you’ve connected back to self and understand who you are and what you truly want and feel empowered enough to get it, you will begin to explore your exciting new steps. This will really help you move forward towards creating a life that truly fulfils you – without relying on your ex to be in it.
  • Create: After having been guided through these important healing steps and your confidence and trust in yourself have been rebuilt you’ll be supported in taking the steps you need to build the life you want. Your headspace finally belongs to you again. You’re free from the past and focusing on yourself instead of your ex. You have healed from the divorce and now have the strength and bulletproof confidence you need to take action on building the life you want for yourself. Joy, peace, fulfilment and fun are just waiting for you!


  • A stand-alone private 90-minute coaching session - Focusing on your most pressing issue. Dedicated to creating a sustainable plan with techniques to empower you through your divorce and beyond. After the session, I’ll create a bespoke toolkit which will support you to move forward with confidence, clarity and control.
  • Dazzle After Divorce - A 3-month personalised tailored support programme to transform you, your life and your future after divorce. 12 weekly zoom/in person sessions, access to me in between calls for further support, homework with action steps to move you forward and plenty of guides and resources.


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  • FREE 15-minute coffee and chat call and 10% discount for readers of Divorced Parents. Just mention where you found me to receive your exclusive discount.


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