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Dr Sue Palmer-Conn (Lancashire)

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Dr Sue Palmer-Conn

Are you a professional women over 40 considering divorce, going through it or slowly emerging from divorce? As a one of the UK’s foremost Certified Divorce Coaches, I can support you at each stage of your divorce helping you save time and money and reduce stress and conflict.

I work collaboratively with family law firms, mediators, and financial planners, to give their clients emotional support. Having the right support team can help you concentrate on the business of divorce with the legal and finance professionals whilst we help you overcome overwhelm and emerge with a more positive frame of mind ready to thrive not just survive after divorce.

Although divorce rates are generally falling, for people over 50, the rate has doubled in in last 20 years with 57% of first marriages of 20+ years now ending in divorce. Having divorce at the age of 50 after 25 years of marriage, I have walked the journey of the silver splitter and now, after building a very successful academic career post-divorce, whilst also building a thriving coaching practice, I am retiring from academia to become a full-time divorce coach.

The emotional rollercoaster of a mid-age divorce is never easy for a woman facing the additional problems of empty nest syndrome, menopause, the need to establish a career in order to have a pension pot and possibly elderly parents and maybe their own failing health. Working with someone with experience as well as qualifications can help your divorce be as easy as it is possible to be, save you expensive hours with the legal team and build your confidence up to face whatever life throws at you.


‘Sue helped me put together the paperwork for my form E, ask the right questions, and built my confidence to fight for my share of the assets during my divorce from my controlling husband. Without her help, I would have crumbled and left with very little. Now its all over, she’s still there to help me design my new exciting life’ A Shropshire.

‘The first day I saw Sue I was a snotty crying mess. By the end of the 8 weeks, I’d found a new home, organised a mortgage, and applied for a promotion at work. I don’t know how she did it but she intuitively knew when I needed pushing and when I needed more gentle handling. Now six months on, I feel like a new woman. My friends and family can’t believe the change in me.’ Sarah Yorkshire

‘When I first came to Sue, I was determined that my marriage was over. I was hurt and angry. We had stopped communicating, we were disconnected and, according to our kids, the house felt like a battlefield. Sue’s quiet confidence and gentle manner calmed me down. Her workbooks, which I shared with my husband, showed us how to start really talking, how to reconnect and how to be more compassionate and understanding. We decided to start over and now, two years on we are a new couple. Love it.’ Tina, Lancashire

How I can help

The Conscious De-coupling programme is an online programme aimed at improving communication, reducing conflict and helping you leave with compassion or stay with renewed awareness (6 weeks)

  • The Eyes Wide-Open programme is a one-to-one step-by-step plan to help you understand the legal and financial landscape, ask the right questions, gather the right paperwork for financial and parenting planning, whilst giving you full emotional support to save time and money. (6-12 weeks)
  • The FRESH start programme helps you find your passion and purpose, rebuild resilience, engage emotions, supercharge your self-image and build holistic health and wellness practices until you find your wings to fly solo. (3 to 6 months)
  • Plan your marriage not just the wedding aimed at couples thinking about remarriage (12 -18 hours)


  • One to one coaching via zoom


  • Email me for all the latest prices

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