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Paula Crowhurst (Essex)

Divorce & Separation Coach
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About Polly Bloom

Getting unmarried is harder than getting married and drains you both emotionally and financially. Going through a divorce leaves one bereft, breaking your wedding vows legally whether you have instigated it or not, has a ripple effect on your family and friends.

You are splitting up your marital home, bank accounts, personal belongings and the way of life you have known for many years. How can one be expected to handle this effectively all whilst highly emotionally charged?

I am a mum to two daughters and went through a divorce myself several years ago which left me shocked, bereft and in fear of my future. That is why I decided to become a divorce and separation coach so that I can support those going through this traumatic time. I became accredited by Sara Davison a renowned and respected coach in the profession.

Prior to this, I was a Learning Mentor and supported children and their families at times when they were dealing with various issues, including family break-up, which affected their mental health and well-being. As a result of the work I provided, children were able to make progress with their learning in school, despite the issues they were dealing with in their personal lives.

I offer flexible, goal orientated coaching designed to support, motivate and guide my clients going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future based on their particular interests, needs and concerns. Coaching is conducted in a safe and supportive environment, exploring your options in a non-judgemental manner. I believe that it is not what happens to you that defines you, but how you react to it that matters.


Separation and divorce are an all too common occurrence and lots of use hope it never happens to us; but it does. I am still in the middle of my separation and Paula has provided me with a safe haven where I can talk, get advice and empathy. However, Paula’s services are not simply to comfort; she offers practical advice; in a professional manner, of the steps to be taken to get back on your feet and be in control of your own destiny. It is said that separation/divorce is similar to a death in the family and the pain that one experiences can be overwhelming. What should I do? Where do I go? Am I to blame? So many questions and so much anxiety and yes, even fear. Paula can help you traverse the fog. Like me, you should use all the resources you can and I highly recommend Paula to help you get through one of the most traumatic times in your life. You won’t regret it. Kay. S

How I can help

  • Stop the pain of heartbreak
  • Get clarity
  • Manage conflict and find resolution
  • Create supportive boundaries
  • Empower your children to cope
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • Create a new exciting future
  • Start to feel happy again.


  • One to one coaching
  • Face to face
  • Zoom or MS Teams Sessions
  • 24 hour service telephone support


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